New year message

Dear friends of TEIMUN,

On behalf the TEIMUN Foundation I would like to wish everyone the best for 2016. I hope you can look back to 2015 with good memories and that we can all look forward to an even better year ahead of us.
For the last months, the 29th Board of Directors has worked hard with formulating and implementing new ideas to organize yet another successful conference and to receive over 200 students from all over the world in The Hague. So keep updated, because we will announce results of this hard work soon! In the meantime, the programme for GrunnMUN has been fully arranged, so check out our website and the GrunnMUN event on Facebook for more information and updates!
The meaning of our overarching theme for 2016, ‘ Pushing Boundaries ‘, is twofold. On the one hand, we focus on the transnational character of the problems we face today. Whether it concerns global warming, financial crises, terrorism and refugee influxes, they all ignore the existence of boundaries. On the other hand, we want to emphasize the need to tackle these issues with the international community. No longer can states hide behind their borders and solve them independently. The need for a different attitude is called upon, a ‘ New State of Mind ‘, through international dialogue so together we can move forward by ‘ Constructing a Contemporary Status quo ‘.
With this message we want to invite you al to our GrunnMUN Conference on 3rd of March 2016 and TEIMUN Conference on 11th until 17th July 2016. Registrations for both our GrunnMUN and TEIMUN Conferences have just opened, so we are looking forward to receive the first applications! For those who wish to apply for TEIMUN, hopefully you are in time to be one of the first 40 applicants for the early bird fee! We are looking forward to welcome you at our GrunnMUN and TEIMUN Conferences!

Best regards,
Dwayne van Haasen
Chairman Board of Directors 2016

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