Would you like to be the eyes and ears of the 30th TEIMUN?

Apply to our Press Committee! Send your application to before the 1st of June.

During TEIMUN, a team of five journalists is responsible for covering all the highlights, developments and scoops during the entire conference. This team will also publish the official TEIMUN newspaper on a daily base.

GrunnMUN 2017

During GrunnMUN, the Press Committee is responsible for covering all the highlights, developments and scoops during the day. Furthermore, this team of three journalists is responsible for publishing the official GrunnMUN newspaper.

It is our pleasure to present the Press Committee of  GrunnMUN 2017:

Kylie Mckenzie Morrell

Kylie is a second year International and European Law student at the University of Groningen. She is also currently the editor of the Nexus Magazine and has always loved writing. Kylie grew up in Kenya and is also a scuba diving instructor. She is really passionate about talking about conservation particularly of the sea. She is really looking forward to being involved in GrunnMUN this year and writing about the experience. Kylie loves reading, being outside and cooking.

Jacquelyn Veraldi

As a second year International and European Law student and a Peace and Conflict Studies BA graduate, Jacquelyn’s interests revolve around the functioning of the global world order.  While she is new to TEIMUN, Jacquelyn has participated in moot courts, debates, and model UNs in Canada.  In her role as a TEIMUN photographer and journalist, she looks forward to capturing the events at the conference and expanding on press skills gained through experience with organisations such as the International Federation for Health and Human Rights Organisations, the European Law Faculty Association, the Institute for Justice Sector Development and Hospice of the Waterloo Region.

Alice Nesselrode 

Alice is a German undergraduate student of European Studies at Maastricht University. She has always had a passion for journalism and writing in general, which is why she was Head of Journal of the United Nations Student Association Maastricht in 2015/16, but also participated as press member in MUNs such as EuroMUN 2015 and 2016, TEIMUN 2016 and LIMUN 2017. When participating in last year’s TEIMUN, she met so many funny and lovable people that she directly decided there was no way she would miss out on the next conferences by the TEIMUN association. Apart from writing she very much enjoys cheering her favourite soccer team Schalke 04, politics, travelling (with a very deep passion especially for Brazil) and trying out beer from all over the world. She is very excited for the conference to come and cannot wait to meet all of you!