What is the MUNSociety?

The MUNSociety will function as a masterclass of 3 sessions in which students will learn about the rules of procedure, debating from the perspective of an assigned country and delve deeper into the world of the Model United Nations. It is a great opportunity to practice being a diplomat, and producing resolutions. At the end of the 3 sessions the students will participate in GrunnMUN, to practice their skills and experience a MUN!

The Masterclasses

The set-up of the masterclasses is designed in such a way to create an informal but productive atmosphere to get to know the system of the Model United Nations. The classes will be given and directed by former MUN delegates and/or with help from (former) TEIMUN board members. The length of the master classes will be 2h30m, with two 15 minutes breaks. It will give enough time for debate, and socialising. The classes will be free of charge and are a great way to practice and learn very useful skills! To round off the MUNSociety in a successful and rewarding way, all the participants will attend GrunnMUN together.

We are currently working on planning this year’s MUNsociety. If you are interested we would like to advise you to sign up for the newsletter and follow us on Facebook!