Board of Directors – Fundraiser

The European International Model United Nations

Board of Directors – Fundraiser

The members of the Board like to give you some information regarding their function. If you are interested in a board year or you want more information, send an e-mail to!

Dear friend of TEIMUN,

As a fundraiser you will have to maintain contact and cooperation with various funds, partners and sponsors of TEIMUN, such as NATO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, municipalities and universities. Next to that you will need to build and maintain good relations with a variety of different institutions and businesses. The fundraiser, together with the treasurer, is responsible for ensuring the conference is well-funded and cost-efficient. Throughout your year as a fundraiser, you will have excellent opportunities to develop yourself personally and professionally. As money is tight since the financial crisis, it is a challenging task which requires innovation, dedication and originality.
As a fundraiser it is important that you see opportunities rather than obstacles, and it is crucial to retain a positive attitude and outlook, especially if you experience any setbacks. For anyone with a proactive attitude, TEIMUN is a great opportunity to build your own network and to get in touch with specialists in the fields of international relations, business, government and others. It will allow you to not only develop your networking skills, but will also enable you to build professional contacts which may be of great value to your future career. Finally, as fundraising is a crucial task upon which the foundation relies, you will learn how to deal with a high level of responsibility.
If you want to build your network, challenge yourself and you are eager to learn, the position of fundraiser is ideal for you, so apply now for a fantastic board year at TEIMUN.

Jamila Rekhaoui