Board of Directors – Chairman

The European International Model United Nations

Board of Directors – Chairman


As Chairman of the Board of Directors, you are the final person responsible for the Foundation and the two conferences, GrunnMUN and TEIMUN. This is a very dynamic, diverse and challenging job, making that every week will look different!

Firstly, you are responsible for the continuity of the Foundation. So in addition to your own board year, you will also have to keep the long-term perspective in mind. Choices made within the confines of your board year, might have serious implications for successive boards. Obviously, these implications have to be as favourable as possible for your successors, so they can build upon your ‘legacy’.

Secondly, the chairman is end-responsible for both conferences; GrunnMUN in Groningen and TEIMUN in The Hague. It is important to keep the overview and know what your fellow board members are up to. Furthermore, it is crucial to keep close ties to the Secretariat and the Staffmembers. This aspect of the TEIMUN Chairmanship is challenging, as well as rewarding. Keeping track of the progress of the respective functions can be difficult and it is important to keep oversight. It is rewarding because you are able to set goals and objectives to work towards with the entire board. You are also expected to help your fellow board members in reaching these goals and objectives. As such, you have both a leading role, and a supportive role. It is up to the chairman and the rest of the board to find a modus operandi.

Thirdly, you will be the external face of the TEIMUN Foundation. This means that you will be the primary representative in many (official) occasions. Communication with the many stakeholders, such as NATO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence, VNO-NCW and the University of Groningen, for example, forms an important aspect of the function of chairman. Furthermore, expanding the professional network of the TEIMUN Foundation is one of the main responsibilities of the chairman. So if an opportunity arises, the TEIMUN Chairman should seize this opportunity and make most out of it.

Being in the board of the TEIMUN Foundations is a complete experience. It provides for a unique combination of learning more about International Relations & Diplomacy, International Organizations, to boost your own professional network and to gain professional and organizational experience. The best thing is that you will be able to do this in a true international and intercultural environment; you will be welcoming over 200 students from 60 different nationalities!

Kind regards,

Sacha Martini,
Chairman of the TEIMUN Board of Directors 2018