Online Platform Information

The European International Model United Nations

Online TEIMUN 2021:
Zoom and GatherTown

TEIMUN 2021 will take place on a mixture of the Zoom and GatherTown platforms. Plenary events such as the opening and closing ceremonies, the veterans’ visit, and guest lectures will be held on Zoom. Council sessions, social events, and networking events will be held via GatherTown, an interactive online environment allowing us to replicate the experience of a physical conference as much as possible. While you are likely familiar with Zoom, GatherTown might be new to you. To acquaint yourself with GatherTown, you can do the following:

1) Watch THIS introductory video.

2) Read THIS technical guide.

3) Try out THIS´╗┐ demo.

We have also compiled our own technical guide, showing you how exactly the GatherTown platform will be deployed together with our rules of procedure. You can download our technical guide by clicking on the image to the right, or the button below.