Contemporary Crisis Simulation

The European International Model United Nations

Contemporary Crisis Simulation

This year, TEIMUN will be hosting a very unique council unseen in the world of MUN. The Contemporary Crisis Simulation will challenge delegates wishing to participate in a professional and realistic crisis simulation.

During the conference, you will be challenged by all the hindrances of modern life that policy makers and security experts face in their career. Facing the press, managing disasters and conducting security operations will only be some of the challenges posed to delegates in this council.

This scenario will be conducted by two separate councils with differing goals for the duration of the simulation.

All of this, will be set within the context of an independent Scotland campaign within the near future. So do you want to experience what it would feel like to strive for independence from the United Kingdom as a true Scot? Or perhaps you’d be more interested in governing such a formidable crisis as a Secretary of the UK Cabinet. Don’t hesitate and sign up for the TEIMUN 2020 Contemporary Crisis Simulation and prepare for an authentic crisis and security simulation.

Mun Society Groningen

Crisis Director

Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen, 25, was born and raised in the Netherlands. He obtained his medical degree in 2019 and is currently in the process of completing his masters degree in crisis and security management and international human rights law. He began participating in MUNs in high school at the age of 14 and has been active in over 40 Model UN conferences. Currently, as the Crisis Director he will be challenging delegates in their crisis management capacity during TEIMUN 2020. His interests are numerous, such as movies and TV-shows, scuba diving, travelling, food&drinks and many more! He hopes everyone enjoys themselves during the conference and if anyone wishes to talk about random things, he’s your go to guy.

Front Room Chairs

Romée Lutterop

Romée Lutterop is an American Studies student in Groningen and has been an active participant in Model United Nations conferences for a few years. She is incredibly grateful and honored to be a part of the TEIMUN family for another year. Her interests include politics, minority studies, the power of rhetoric, traveling, any type of music, meeting new people and debating any topic, whenever, with anyone. Therefore, feel free to talk to her anytime! She’s looking forward to helping recreate the magical TEIMUN experience for you and meeting you all!

Adam Stewart

Adam Stewart is a history & politics student from the University of East Anglia. Since starting university he has become an avid MUN participant with a big passion for Crisis having carried them out at every one of the conferences he has attended in his short time on the circuit. He first backroomed at Oxford and will be doing so again at YorkMUN 2020. He has delegated at Warwick, Kent and now TEIMUN and has chaired at Westminster, Zurich, and Cambridge; he will also be chairing at South West MUN, LSEMUN and, the greatest conference in western Europe, TEIMUN 2020. He is looking forward with great anticipation to this summer and what should prove to be his best chairing experience to date. He can’t wait to see you all there!


Sebastiaan Manders

Sebastiaan Manders is a 22 year old student of Economics and International Relations at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Whilst not having a lengthy record of attended MUNs, he is an avid reader of history and philosophy books and is sometimes referred to as a walking encyclopaedia, or just as that guy that likes to argue too much. This being his second TEIMUN and first experience as a backroom staffer, his creativity and in no small parts his discipline, gained from rowing for Aegir’s lightweights 8, will guide him through all your directives, with all the consequences they might entail. In his spare time he can be found playing guitar, reading, rowing, or doing any number of other physical activities. He also enjoys a good argument, but be sure to come prepared. He is already excited for all the creative and thoughtful directives to be sent his way.

Steven Westerhuis

Steven Westerhuis is a 4th year History student at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Interested in many things from rhetoric, philosophy, drumming and cooking, MUN was something special after his first time attending. Often not able to tell whether he comes back for the people, exciting stress or the sessions. Since then, he participated, chaired and organized multiple MUN’s. Not being able to believe that there were other people who constantly fantasize about historical scenarios, crisis was the place to be for Steven. He hopes you will have a wonderful week filled with fresh experience, new friends and most of all a lot of fun.

Antonio-Ionut Boar

Antonio-Ionut Boar is an Artificial Intelligence student at the University of Groningen. Originally from Romania, he wanted to study abroad only to suddenly find himself with a lot of time on his hands. He has only started doing MUN recently, but started off strong by doing Crisis at his first conference.
After his first Crisis, he couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks, thinking of ways it could have been improved, which made him very determined to be in the backroom. His interests include pretty much everything from gaming, writing, hiking, climbing and everything in between. He also tends to get very excited about the stuff he’s passionate about and talk about that and countless other stories endlessly, so approach at your own risk.
He is looking forward to help craft an interesting story and meet amazing people at TEIMUN 2020.

Aliva Zennedya Kurnia

Aliva Zennedya Kurnia is a third-year undergraduate student of Psychology in Universitas Indonesia, and feels obligated to state in advance that, no, she cannot read your mind. She does enjoy analyzing fictional characters’ personalities, since they’re an… open book. Having a penchant for roleplaying as well, it is no surprise that she found her niche with crisis councils, which encompass the majority of her MUN experience as delegate and chair alike. Since her first conference in freshman year, Aliva has participated in ten MUNs, one of the highlights being TEIMUN 2019’s Historical Crisis Council. She sees crisis councils as a great outlet to put her wits to the test while having fun expressing herself, and hopes that this year’s crisis delegates will find the experience just as enriching. Expect lame puns and corny jokes, and by all means do share your own!

Jack Lovejoy

Jack Lovejoy is a second year International Relations Student at the University of Exeter, he has taken part in Model UN for five years, in which time he has done over thirty conferences. When Jack is not at Model UN he enjoys reading and playing board games.

Jan Willem Leeuwma

Jan Willem Leeuwma is a third-year history student and has been in the bubble of the boards for a long time. 23 years of age and, as still customary, is good at delaying his studies. The MUN adventure started in Groningen at the GrunnMUN. A tough task with many veterans. Living and participating at TEIMUN for a whole week during a week of my summer holiday. And now even part of the team. MUN’s are a nice balance of conviviality and professionalism. Everyone can find his / her place as long as you have a good time.

Youri Moes

Youri is a local to The Hague, studying International Studies at Leiden University. He has been doing MUN and Crisis committees for a few years, starting MUN in high school and Crisis at Game of Thrones MUN in 2016. Being a delegate, chair and backroom, the TEIMUN crisis has always been special to him. When he is not doing MUN he is playing Rugby or joining his friends for a session of Dungeons and Dragons. Acting as one of the backroom staff for the crisis, Youri hopes to put his fondness for strategy and teamwork to use to make the crisis fun for everyone.