Frequently Asked Questions

The European International Model United Nations

Q: Why participate in TEIMUN? 
A: TEIMUN prides itself on its highly inclusive nature and ability to attract students from all areas of study. It is unique because of the great depth of experiences and perspectives provided by delegates from a wide range of academic backgrounds. TEIMUN offers students a chance to interactively educate themselves about international problems while increasing their negotiation and public speaking skills. The dynamic peer motivated setting is an ideal place for students to apply their knowledge while creating lasting friendships and having loads of fun.

Q: How is TEIMUN different from traditional MUN conferences? 
A: Most participants enjoy TEIMUN so much because of the combination of a formal and a social program. Instead of sending our participants to their hotels after the sessions each day, we put a lot of effort in organizing social events and excursions. We do this to make sure that you see more than the inside of your council room, and to stimulate the intercultural integration. The social program also means that it’s not a problem for you to come alone as a delegate.

Q: How do I know that my registration was successful?
A: When you have filled out the registration form, and clicked the submit button you will receive an automatic reply with your registration number. Within two weeks you will receive a personal confirmation from one of our participants’ coordinators, who may ask you for additional information or confirm your registration. If you have not received a personal confirmation within two weeks, please send an e-mail to or use our contact form to ask whether we have received your form.

Q: How many delegates may represent a country? 
A: UN Member States can be represented by one or two delegates, on the registration form you can indicate whether and with whom you would like to form a delegation. You can also ask to be paired up with someone else if you are coming on your own.

Q: Are there any activities besides the formal council meetings? 
A: Yes there are! Every day after the sessions we have after session drinks. Apart from the after session drinks, lots of social activities are organized during TEIMUN for delegates and staff to create the special TEIMUN atmosphere. We have several excursions, both social and intellectual

Q: Will there be a dress code during the conference?
A: A formal dress code will be strictly enforced during the conference. Business apparel is required during all sessions, meaning suits for men and business dress for women. Casual wear is suitable for all other events.

Q: Does TEIMUN provide meals? 
A: TEIMUN provides a lunch everyday apart from the day of the opening ceremony. The official opening ceremony is followed by a reception. TEIMUN does not provide dinners; we leave that up to you.

Q: What happens with the information and documents I send to you? 
A: All personal documents that we receive from you will only be used for preparation and administration of the conference. Afterwards, the documents will be put into the shredder. We recognize the importance of discretion regarding personal information and we will not at any time pass your information on to a third party unless we are required to by law.

Q: What about the (vice) chairs? How do I apply for a chair position? 
A: Each year at the TEIMUN conferences, there are application talks with participants who apply for such a position. New chairs and vice chairs are selected to form the staff of next year’s conference. Most chairs had staff positions in other MUN’s and have participated in TEIMUN at least once. The chairpersons are not representatives of a country, their responsibility is to ensure that council work is performed effectively, the debate is lively, fruitfully and in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.

Q: Can I pay the conference fee by credit card? 
A: We’re sorry to say you can’t, because the transactional costs would be too high. The best way to ensure we receive your conference fee in good order if you live in Europe or the United States is to make a bank transfer to our account. Please don’t forget to mention your name!!! If you live outside Europe or the US the preferred way is to use Western Union, which is available in most countries. We’d like to emphasize that your registration is not official until we have received your conference fee. Naturally this also means that we might not be able to honor your choice of council and country.

Q: Do I get study credits for TEIMUN? 
A: In some cases it is possible to receive study credits for participation. For Dutch students from Groningen, please check our credits section for an extended list of possibilities, since we have made agreements with certain faculties of the University of Groningen. Students from other cities or from outside Holland are advised to contact the relevant person at your university or faculty about the conditions for granting credits.

Q: Is the conference really ‘international’? 
A: Yes! We can assure you it is really international, last year we had participants from 60 different countries! One of the TEIMUN goals is to have as many different nationalities as possible at the conference. This contributes to the unique atmosphere at TEIMUN.

Q: Can you give financial support to participants? 
A: Yes it is possible to receive financial aid. However we only grant financial aid in certain cases and never in the form of money sent to you. We reserve the right to grant or deny financial aid. For our full financial aid policy check the financial aid menu.

Q: Is accommodation provided? 
A: TEIMUN does not provide you with any accommodation. But, there are a lot of accommodations in The Hague to stay during the week.

Q: Is there something interesting to see in The Hague this summer? 
A: Yes there is! There are a lot of thing you can do in The Hague and its surroundings. On the website of the Netherlands Board on Tourism & Conventions you can find everything there is to know about interesting activities in Holland. (Please note: The Hague is called ‘Den Haag’ or ‘s Gravenhage’ in Dutch, places next to The Hague are Scheveningen and Kijkduin).

Q: Do I need MUN experience? 
A: Absolutely not – about half of the participants at TEIMUN have no experience with MUN before. Enthusiasm is the characteristic we look for the most.

Q: Who organizes TEIMUN? 
A: The TEIMUN Foundation organizes the TEIMUN Conference. This is a non-profit and non-governmental initiative formed by exchange students from the US, who were studying in Groningen in the late 1980’s. After a couple of years, the organization was taken over by SIB Groningen, the Dutch United Nations Students Association. The TEIMUN foundation is now a separate foundation. The TEIMUN Board of Directors is responsible for organizing the conference, attracting participants and all logistical matters; they work from Groningen. The TEIMUN Staff is responsible for the substantive part of the conference, they write the background papers and are the chairs of the different councils.

Q: Is TEIMUN open for delegations? 
A: Participation in TEIMUN depends on an individual application. If you are a group of students wanting to participate, then you are of course welcome to file your individual applications in a bundle and to pay the application fee in one sum, too. In that case, we would like to ask you to pass this information on to us as soon as possible, so that we can avoid confusion. When it comes to your country choices, however, please mind that your group will not receive a country assignment as a whole. Instead, each applicant will be assigned to a country to represent on his or her own or with a maximum of 1 other person from your delegation. Thus, there is no delegation system as it is used at other MUN conferences.

Q: Are teachers & faculty allowed to come?
A: Faculty advisers are very welcome to come along to TEIMUN. They cannot actively participate in the discussions in the councils but are allowed to sit and watch in the different councils and are very welcome to give advice and share ideas with the delegates. If you are a faculty advisor interested in joining the delegation from your university or country. Please send an e-mail to our participation coordinator or contact TEIMUN using the contact form.

Q: Will there be time left to visit the city? 
A: Yes there is, although we would like to point out that the schedule is quite busy. But, right now we are busy preparing excursions and social activities so you will get a chance to see more of The Hague and Scheveningen.

Q: How do I get to The Hague? 
A: We will put a route description with city map online at least a month before the conference. Also train and bus schedules to and from the airports and train stations will be available. Check the information for further details.

Q: How is the weather in The Hague? 
A: Normally in July the weather is good in Holland, with temperatures of 20 to 30 degrees. We do however happen to have a climate that is a little uncertain so be sure to bring a light coat with you in case of rain. For the actual situation and a 3 day forecast, take click here. This site is in Dutch, but we’re sure you will understand the icons.

If, after reading this section, your question still hasn’t been answered, please contact the board using the contact form.