Board of Directors – Fundraiser

The European International Model United Nations

Board of Directors – Fundraiser



Being the fundraiser of the TEIMUN foundation is a rewarding task and entails several significant responsibilities. The fundraiser is mainly responsible for ensuring financial contributions from external relations who sponsor the TEIMUN conference.

Together with the treasurer you determine a budget for both GrunnMUN & TEIMUN to create a well-funded and cost-efficient conference.

To realize this main objective the fundraiser has several tasks.
First, due to the founding of the TEIMUN foundation in 1987, several cooperative relations have emerged with various organizations and funds; such as NATO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Municipality of the Hague and the University of Groningen.

It is important that these relations are maintained but simultaneously new possible relations with other actors will be explored.

Second, besides the loyal funds, it is vital to extend the TEIMUN network by approaching new funds, institutions and organizations of any kind willing to engage in a cooperative relationship. Creativity, persuasiveness and a pro-active attitude are required to accomplish this objective. Hence, you elaborate on successive relations of the past and explore new paths for the future.

Finally, your background study does not matter, whether it is economics, medicine, history or law, TEIMUN provides a great opportunity to get in touch with professionals and other ambitious students from all over the world. You will develop your networking skills and establish professional contacts which can be very useful for your future career. With the TEIMUN conference as the cherry on the pie, which will be a wonderful week filled with unique experiences!

If you find yourself having any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. You can always reach me through

Kind regards,

David Lijdsman,
Chairman of the TEIMUN Board of Directors 2018