The General Crisis at GrunnMUN 2019

TEIMUN being one of the longest conferences being held in Europe and spans over the week, we have a proud tradition and method of making sure the delegates are continuously engaged in the debate, Crisis. Although we have a specific crisis council for the delegates that are willing to take the challenge, that being the historical crisis council, most of our delegates will not experience the thrill of the crisis. Therefore, the General crisis staff exist to throw our normal councils into disarray and to truly test the delegates skills to think on their feet. As it is normal in the real world for debates and conventions to be affected by external forces, our crisis staff acts as TEIMUN’s force majeure. Although this is not a council, be prepared to encounter them at any given time in TEIMUN!

The General Crisis Team

Femke van Splunter

Femke is a second year Educational Science major in Groningen. Though her background has little to do with international relations or politics, she has always been interested in bringing people from various backgrounds together to create something great. Having gone to an international school herself, spending time with people from all over the world makes her feel at home, as well as passionate and driven. While her MUN experience is limited, having only had her first MUN at TEIMUN 2018, she hopes to contribute to another life-changing and inspiring week in The Hague.

Romée Lutterop

Romée is a 22-year old American Studies student in Groningen. She has been an active participant in Model United Nations conferences for a year now, including chairing at TEIMUN. She is incredibly grateful and honored to be a part of the TEIMUN family for another year. As part of the crisis team, she is looking forward to wreaking havoc and enhancing the delegates’ experience in any way possible. Her interests include politics, minority studies, the power of rhetoric, traveling, any type of music, meeting new people and debating on any topic, whenever, with anyone. Therefore, feel free to talk to her anytime! She’s looking forward to helping recreate the magical TEIMUN experience for you and meeting you all!

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