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The General Assembly at GrunnMUN 2019

“Space Peace”: The Framework for Warfare in Space in the Modern Era

The ever increasing pace of humanity’s technological progression has created great interest in the final frontier of space. However, with expansion comes the likelihood of competition, which in turn opens the possibility for conflict. Space warfare, which once seemed a distant sci-fi fantasy, is likely to join the list of concerns for the international community.

Currently there is a number of international legislative measures regulating and limiting conflicts in space. However, when looking at technologicaladvancements in the fields of weaponry and space, the establishment of private space enterprises, the changing political climate on Earth, and the renewed interest in long-term presences in space, it is clear that a much broader international framework is needed.

The role of this General Assembly is to discuss the problems with the current treaties regarding space conflicts. In addition, the Assembly would have to discuss the new developments and come up with creative new solutions. With this topic, the delegates are expected to be a bit more creative while still keeping their eyes on the reality. This is a topic which the General assembly has not faced before and conflicting national interests will play a role in affecting extraterrestrial matters. 

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Council Information

On the General Assembly
On the Activites of the GA
On the General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is a collection of representatives from each of the 193 member-states of the United Nations (UN). It was established to promote international cooperation and represent a homogenous effort to resolve international issues. Its overarching goal is to maintain international peace and security. This principal organ of the United Nations was established in 1945, with 51 members joining the first annual session. The permanent Headquarters of the UN in New York City is the primary meeting point. 

On the Activites of the GA

The General Assembly may assemble to discuss any matter regarding issues contained within the UN Charter. The powers of the United Nations General Assembly are described in Chapter IV of the UN Charter, which includes describing its mandate. The GA is a council that can give recommendations and advice to any other council within the UN on any topic, excluding matters of peace and security that are under consideration by the Security Council. It also has the ability to establish subsidiary organs to facilitate its own function. All member-states have equal representation and voting power, which makes this council the main representative and policy-making organ of the UN.

GA Chairs at GrunnMUN

Romée Lutterop

Romée is a 22-year old American Studies student in Groningen. She has been an active participant in Model United Nations conferences for a year now, including chairing at TEIMUN. She is incredibly grateful and honored to be a part of the TEIMUN family for another year. Her interests include politics, minority studies, the power of rhetoric, traveling, any type of music, meeting new people and debating on any topic, whenever, with anyone. Therefore, feel free to talk to her anytime! She’s looking forward to helping recreate the magical GRUNNMUN experience for you and meeting you all!

Fred Hilton

Fred Hilton is a second year International Law student at the University of Groningen. Brought up in
London, it was in high school where Fred developed an interest for the ever changing world of
international politics. After participating in TEIMUN 2018 as a delegate, Fred has become more
involved with MUN. While this is his first time Charing, Fred will endeavour to make GrunnMUN
experience as fun and engaging. Outside of the realm of International politics, Fred enjoys reading, origami and Netflix, often at the same time.