Journalist Team

The European International Model United Nations

Journalist Team GrunnMUN 2019

During GrunnMUN, a team of four journalists is responsible for covering all the highlights, developments and scoops during the entire conference. This team will publish the official GrunnMUN newspaper at the end of the day, and will also be taking pictures of the conference.

It is our pleasure to present the Journalist Team of  GrunnMUN 2019:

Martha Jordan Pardo

The MUN first-timer Martha Jordan Pardo is a Spanish- German media student at the RUG. A bachelor which englobes many of her passions: writing, reporting and international politics and culture. She worked for a month in the European Council of Brussel as photographer during the China Summit and as press reviewer during the Greece/UK- EU Summit in June 2015.

Didi Kiers

Didi Kiers is a 21-year-old second year Arts, Culture and Media student. Having never participated in an MUN before, her very first encounter with it was taking the board pictures of this year’s TEIMUN Board. She is very excited to make equally great pictures at GrunnMUN!

Rick Jan Molanus

Aside from being a third year media student, Rick Jan works at an art gallery, makes video clips for artists, content for Democratic Academy Groningen, and absurd amounts of coffee. He’s a real political junkie who aspires to be a journalist in the field of international relations and world politics.