Opening Ceremony

The European International Model United Nations

Opening Ceremony GrunnMUN 2019


Andries Hof

Andries Hof is a researcher in International climate policy in the department of Climate, Air and Energy for the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. He earned his PhD in Earth and Life Sciences with specialization in climate change issues and holds a university degree in economics, after which he conducted research at several institutes in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States. In 2007, he started working on a EU research project about mitigation and adaptation strategies for climate change policy at PBL. In 2010, he earned his PhD with this topic. His special interests are the costs and benefits of climate change adaptation and mitigation, climate agreements, and the use of integrated assessment models in informing climate policy decisions.

Nienke Homan

Since April 2015, Homan has been a gedeputeerde at the Province of Groningen and is involved in numerous cases, namely energy and energy transition and environment, as well as ICT and vice in various commissions. Officially, she is the Provincial Executive of Climate and Energy Transition of the Province of Groningen. In the Netherlands, a gedeputeerde is a member of the Provincial-Executive (college van Gedeputeerde Staten) of a Province; this is its central executive body. The position of a gedeputeerde can be compared with that of a deputy mayor in a local council. The Provincial-Executive determines the regional policies in broad lines.