Practical Information

The European International Model United Nations

GrunnMUN 2021

GrunnMUN, or the Groningen Model United Nations, is a one-day simulation of the United Nations, European Union and NATO, attended by approximately 150 students. This conference is held yearly in the city of Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands.

Date and Location

The GrunnMUN conference took place on March 11, 2021. Due to developments of the coronavirus pandemic in the Netherlands, the conference was held online, via video-conferencing software. What made joining the online edition of GrunnMUN worth it?

1) The conference theme, councils, and topics remained unchanged, delivering the same quality of debates as a physical conference would.
2) We were able to welcome delegates from outside the Groningen area, and even from abroad!
3) It was a unique opportunity to sample a large-scale, online conference.


The participation fee for GrunnMUN 2021 was €5.

The Theme of GrunnMUN 2021: Cooperation in Times of Crisis

We are living in unprecedented times. Economies are shut down, communities are shut off, and Covid-19 infection rates march forward at an unrelenting pace. As the world eagerly awaits an end to the pandemic, it is vital that we do not neglect the many other crises we face.

UN agencies have been leading the fight against environmental, humanitarian and health crises around the globe, enabling cooperation beyond borders. The WHO coordinates humanity’s efforts to eradicate diseases of all kinds, the UN Security Council conducts peacekeeping at a global scale, and the UNFCCC provides a crucial framework for combatting the climate crisis.

But crisis implies urgency and intergovernmental organisations face great challenges in rendering swift and unanimous decision. So, how do we build effective capacities for crisis management at the international level? How do we remain calm in the face of a crisis, without downplaying its severity? And how do we make sure that international responses are not co-opted by national interests?

We are going through the greatest global crisis since the Second World War and, like then, the only thing that will redeem humankind is cooperation. Join us at GrunnMUN 2021, where we explore the role of international organisations in facilitating this cooperation.

Do you want to be a diplomat for a day? Do you want to have great discussions about international affairs with your fellow students? Do you want to find solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow?