The European International Model United Nations

GrunnMUN 2021 took place on March 11, 2021.

Previous Experience*

If you have previous experience with participating in MUNs, please let us know in the registration form. This way we can always make sure you are in a council that fits your level and experience. There are councils on all levels so we will always have a place for you!

Council Choice

There will be a number of different councils simulated at GrunnMUN. Each council will be discussing one topic throughout the day that relates back to the conference theme. In your application you can indicate your three preferred councils, and the three countries you would like to represent within those councils. Please make sure you have read through the council information and their topics before you make a decision.


It is possible to indicate that you would like to participate in your council of choice with a friend. We will try our very best to make this happen but please realize we cannot always provide full certainty that you will be placed in the same councils. Should you wish to participate with a buddy, select “yes” when asked about whether you are part of a delegation, and note down the name of your buddy in the field asking for the name of the delegation. Your buddy must do the same.

Motivation Statement

Every delegate must submit a statement when registering for the conference, explaining your motivation to join GrunnMUN and your council of choice. This statement should be between 150 and 300 words long and is a chance for you to display your proficiency in writing about global affairs and your command of English in general. Keep in mind that any form of plagiarism will result in a direct rejection of your application.

Terms of Services

Please read through our privacy policy before you submit your application. Also please note that the participation fee for GrunnMUN 2021 is not refundable unless the Foundation decides to reject your application.


The participation fee of GrunnMUN 2021 is €5,-. You can pay via various payment methods and once your payment is received and your application has been assessed, we will either accept or decline it. In the case of a decline, we will refund your application fee as soon as possible. If you are accepted, more information about your assigned council, background paper and country allocation will follow as soon as possible.

*Please note that attending GrunnMUN is NOT a prerequisite for attending the TEIMUN conference in summer 2021.

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