During the Opening Ceremony of GrunnMUN 2018, the speaker will elaborate on the overarching theme of “Unification or Fragmentation: Challenges in a Globalizing World ”. We are honoured to introduce to you the following speaker for GrunnMUN 2018:

Ben Bot – Former Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs

Ben Bot is an experienced diplomat, who served as the Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs from 2003 till 2007. Furthermore, he was the Chairman of the Board of the Clingendael Institute for International Affairs and he was ambassador to Turkey. Bot acted as Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the European Union and Deputy Permanent Representative to NATO as well. Currently he is Chairman of the Carnegie Foundation/Peace Palace.










Eelco Eikenaar – Member of the Gedeputeerde Staten

As our host, Eelco Eikenaar has enabled use of the beautiful statenzaal for the opening of GrunnMUN 2018. In this room, the States-Provincial of Groningen have been assembling for more than 400 years already. Since April 2015, Eikenaar has been a gedeputeerde at the Province of Groningen and is involved with numerous cases, namely the extraction of gas, liveability, housing, health, the job market and education. In the Netherlands, a gedeputeerde is a member of the Provincial-Executive (college van Gedeputeerde Staten) of a Province; this is its central executive body. The position of a gedeputeerde can be compared with that of a deputy mayor in a local council. The Provincial-Executive determines the regional policies in broad lines and takes the most important decisions.

Source picture: Provincie Groningen

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