The Staff for GrunnMUN 2018 is responsible for the intellectual content of the conference. They determine the various council topics to be debated, and they write the background papers for their respective councils, so that delegates can deepen their understanding of the topics that are to be discussed. During the conference they will chair and supervise the debates in order to lead them towards fruitful resolutions.

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Secretary-General: Maxime Voorbaak

Maxime Voorbaak has just finished her Bachelors of Law at Utrecht University and is now teaching in Ibagué, Colombia. She loves coffee, travelling and binge-watching tv-shows. She is also a dancing enthusiast, however she is not particularly good at it. She has quite some MUN experience, starting as a delegate in high school MUN’s at the age of sixteen. She first came to TEIMUN last year, as chair for the Security Council. She vouched TEIMUN 2017 would be the last conference before her MUN retirement,  but when the opportunity presented itself to become Secretary-General of such an interesting and fun conference she couldn’t say no. She looks forward to creating a great conference and enjoying it with all the delegates and staff that make TEIMUN great!




Under Secretary-General: Jonas Fiebrantz

Jonas Fiebrantz is a 3rd year student, studying International Relations at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. As a German growing up in Vietnam, he exhibits the traits of the classic Third Culture Kid: lack of geographic identity, a critical cross-cultural outlook, and an affinity for international crowds. Well-marinated in the ways of MUN, he has great anticipation for what will no doubt be a memorable conference. Having taken part in TEIMUN for three years now, acting as chair, crisis director and even grim reaper, he has experienced the richness of the conference many times over, and encourages all participants to immerse themselves in all that TEIMUN has to offer. Aside from his MUN work, Jonas’ other interests include chess, theology and parkour.

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[acc_item title=”General assembly”][/acc_item]

Jacobijn Renken

Jacobijn Renken is a third year International and European Law student at the University of Groningen. As programme coordinator in the TEIMUN Board of Directors of 2017, she is excited to see what the conference is like from the position of staff! This is her first time chairing, and she is looking forward to it!




Ravelle Melissen

Ravelle Melissen is currently in her third and last year of European and International Law at the University of Groningen. However, she just spent the first semester this year at Seoul National University in South Korea. As former participants coordinator of the TEIMUN 2017 Board of Directors, she is really looking forward to meet this years’ new participants. She is particularly excited to chair the General Assembly alongside another former board member, guaranteeing lots of fun and hopefully getting the opportunity to welcome some familiar faces!



[acc_item title=”Security council”][/acc_item]

Tasca Radu

Tasca Radu is a second-year student of International Relations at the University of Groningen. Like many GrunnMUN participants, his main interests are International Politics, Diplomacy and having a great time while practicing the former two. Other interests of his include Scif-Fi novels from the 60s, eating delicious food while watching TV shows and being pretty decent at Golf. He has participated in several other MUN conferences, abroad (including both GrunnMUN and TEIMUN of 2017) and in his home country of Romania, but this will be the first time he takes on the role of Chairman. He hopes that his unique perspective and can-do attitude will bring about fun and engaging discussions within the Security Council.


Rizqi Zulkarnain

Rizqi Imaduddin was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia and is now a third-year student of International Relations and Organization at the University of Groningen. He has a special interest in regional integration and post-colonialism world. He is currently doing his study exchange at the Pusan National University in South Korea to fulfil his ambition to be part of a Korean boyband. Rizqi is a self-proclaim freelance MUNer, going wherever the MUN world takes him, he has participated in numerous MUN in Europe as both chair and delegate.  Outside of MUN, he particularly enjoys watching foreign animated series, in which if you talk to him about this interest, he may or may not engage you in a full-on debate.  During the conference, he is always more than happy to listen your problems in and outside of the councils.  He hopes for a very engaging GrunnMUN 2018 that will inspire not only him but also the delegates.


[acc_item title=”North atlantic council”][/acc_item]

Anna Książczak

Anna, originally from Czech Republic and Poland, travelled all the way to the Netherlands to study there.  Currently, she is a second-year student of the International Relations International Organization Bachelor programme at the University of Groningen. Her MUN journey started with the Prague Student Summit and since then, she fearlessly represented various countries at MUNs from Belgrade to Berlin.  Nowadays, she splits her free time between debating at the Groninger Debating Society Kalliope and watching Netflix. After participating in last year’s GrunnMUN, she is very much looking forward to another great conference.




Kevin Chen 

Kevin Chen, who was born and raised in the Netherlands, just graduated from law school at Utrecht University where he minored in forensic psychology and legal ethics. Currently, he is in his third year of medical school, also at Utrecht University. Kevin has participated in more than 30 MUNs and hopes that the NAC will be filled with interesting debate. He especially looks forward to the distinct format and intensive dialogue within the NAC which focuses on consensus.  His interests consist of politics, medicine, law, traveling, socializing (preferably with a drink) and more; just ask! After a successful TEIMUN last year he knows the collaboration between the Staff and the delegates will guarantee a conference he will never forget



[acc_item title=”Human rights council”][/acc_item]

Inés Faghihi

Inés Faghihi is 20 years old and  will be serving as the Chair of the Human Rights Council at GrunnMUN. Originally from Bremen, she moved to Groningen for her Economics and Business studies a little bit over a year ago. Next to her passion for international political affairs, she shares her heart with an equally big passion: standard ballroom dancing. Her Model United Nations path began in 2013 and over the past four years she has participated in about 11 Model United Nations conferences and 6 Model European Parliament sessions all around Europe as a delegate, a chair or the Secretary General/President. She is excited for heated and productive debates and to meet all of you soon at GrunnMUN!


Athiyarida Syafika

Thiya is a first-year psychology student at the University of Groningen. She is an Indonesian who loves to travel and experience new cultures. This will be her first time chairing, but she had been participating in MUNs since high school. She is looking forward to chair the Human Rights Council in this year’s GrunnMUN. As an active MUN participant in her home country, she anticipates seeing the difference, if any, between MUN conferences across cultures. She expects a heated debate while maintaining diplomacy, between the delegates in the conference



[acc_item title=”G20 “][/acc_item]

Dana Schadenberg

Dana is a third year student of International Relations and International Organizations at the University of Groningen. She’s currently studying a minor in philosophy and is especially interested in the nature of language in this regard. Besides studying however, she is also the current secretary of the climbing association in Groningen. She has the tendency to drag everyone even just slightly interested in coffee to the coffee bar where she works as an barista. Dana entered the MUN world in 2016 as the Belgian delegate in the Historical Council of TEIMUN, and decided to join the NATO Council in 2017. She is delighted to be part of TEIMUN once again, but this time as chair of the G20. Her passion for good debate makes that she’s already excited for the amazing discussions and conversations she’ll undoubtedly have with delegates from all over the world!



Teun Janssen

Teun Janssen was born in Limburg, the province that can claim the ambiguous reputation of having both the best food and highest amount of right wing voters in the Netherlands. He is a second-year student of History at the University of Groningen. Having participated in TEIMUN 2016 as delegate and in TEIMUN 2017 as chair, he is thrilled to once again be part of this amazing conference! He plays piano, loves to dance and is guaranteed to start rambling philosophical discussions on the fate of the human race when sufficiently tipsy. GrunnMUN was his first real conference, and is thus very close to his heart. He will make sure delegates will be able to experience the same amazing mix of professional diplomacy and wonderful socials that he has come to love!


[acc_item title=”Journalists”][/acc_item]

Kelly Tsai

As a 22 year old girl born and raised on the other side of the world, Kelly has inherited the friendliness of most of the Taiwanese and the rather picky taste for food. Currently a second year bachelor student of Media Studies at the RUG, Kelly has experienced living in 3 different countries, two different continents and has travelled to unceasing number of countries in her life, and therefore has an observant mind and an earnest curiosity about people, culture and food. Basically if you’re ever wandering what she is up to, she is usually thinking of what to cook for the next meal, checking on Skyscanner,observing people to try to make deductions and writing down all kinds of different lists in order to organise too many thoughts in her mind, along side going to UB. This is all whilst creating an unknown masterplan to save the world.


Paulina Gamero

Paulina is originally from El Salvador, yet she has lived in Luxembourg for the past 9 years. Currently she is in the second year of the Media Studies Bachelor at the University of Groningen. She is quite interested in the environment of audiovisual media, which entails both photography and film. In addition to this, Paulina is a part time photographer who specializes in portrait photography. She particularly enjoy capturing candid pictures, as these portray the individual in their natural state. Paulina has always been interested in photography, and therefore  experiments with more forms of photography. She considers herself as being an extrovert and quite a social and friendly person.




Marta Tarozzo

Marta Tarozzo, 21 years old is an Italian BA student at RUG. She studies Media en Cultuur and she is specialising in the profile of Journalism while she also teaches Italian conversation classes for the University. She loves travelling, a good cup of coffee (preferably espresso) and writing. She started writing in high school, when she started pursuing her project to become a journalist by writing for the school’s newspaper.  Growing up in Italy, living in Germany and studying in the Netherlands made her well accustomed to think globally and take part in international debates. Life in Hamburg particularly influenced her on this matter as staying in a big harbour city got her in touch with cultures, mindsets and traditions from all over the world. For this reason she decided this year to join the journalists’ team for MUN, to contribute with her international background, open mind, and her passion for writing.




Georgina Enache

Georgiana is a 21-year Romanian Bachelor student of International Business at the University of Groningen. She has always been passionate about writing. Although this is the first time she participates in a MUN conference, several years ago she was a member of the Press Department for the UN Youth Association of Romania, where she also developed a strong interest in the field of International Relations. She loves volunteering, learning foreign languages, traveling and meeting people from all over the world. In the future, she would like to work for an EU institution.

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