Board of Directors – Participants Coordinator Western

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Board of Directors – Participants Coordinator Western


Participants Coordinator Western


As Participants Coordinator Western you are the first contact person for all applicants and participants. As such you will often be the first person people will come up to for questions. You will usually start the year of working together with other board members to set up an effective promotion plan and to coordinate how to reach new and past participants best. This will then set you up to start your promotion and then begin building a participant base.
Furthermore, we have worked hard to set up a MUNSociety this year, which consists of a series of MUN workshops preceding the two conferences. 
In addition, most of your time before the conferences will be dedicated to ensuring that the lines of communication between the foundation and the participants stay open, and that everyone is informed about any possible developments with the conference. You will answer questions regarding the conference, the application procedure, and about any other questions the participants may have.
Occasionally, and certainly not as often as my counterpart for the non-western participants, you will also have to help participants with their visa applications. During the conference you are usually the first contact person for participants to ask question, as you will have talked to them and emailed them quite a lot in the months prior to the conference. Because of this you will meet a tremendous amount of new people, will never be bored and always have someone to talk to.
Besides the amazing experience, that organizing and coordinating the conference is, a board year with TEIMUN is much more than that. You will meet incredibly interesting people at various events, form new friendships and contacts with people working directly in the field of international politics and most importantly you will form a long lasting and deep friendship with your fellow board members. A board year as Participants Coordinator Western at TEIMUN is a year filled with challenges, interesting people, new experiences, and a great deal of fun. If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact me at I am always willing to answer any questions about the foundation, conference or my position.

Kind regards,

Lucas Haitsma,
Participants Coordinator Western of the TEIMUN Board of Directors 2018.