Board of Directors – Programme Coordinator

The European International Model United Nations

Board of Directors – Programme Coordinator

Programme Coordinator


For 30 years, TEIMUN has been known as one of the top MUN’s in Europe, largely due to its unique combination of social events and debates.
As programme coordinator, you will be responsible  for organising a week that participants will never forget! Throughout your board year you will be busy contacting locations, international institutions, and speakers from all levels of international politics. This gives you a chance to build valuable connections.
It is important for a programme coordinator to realize that you need to work closely with all your board members, but especially the treasurer. You need to be a team-player, and a good communicator to make sure that all the information is clear to the board, the participants and the external parties involved. Because you are spending a year putting a lot of time and energy in creating the programme, it is one of the most rewarding experiences when the conference goes well.

If you find yourself having any questions about the programme or the function, do not hesitate to contact me. You can always reach me through

Kind regards,

Björn-Lars Wijbenga,
Programme Coordinator of the TEIMUN Board of Directors 2018