TEIMUN 2021: Beyond the Council Sessions

The European International Model United Nations

What Else Awaits You at TEIMUN 2021?

Traditionally, the TEIMUN conference has always been about much more than just the ceremonies and council sessions. The online format presents its limitations, nevertheless, you can still look forward to an engaging, educational, networking and social programme at online TEIMUN 2021. You can find more information, as well as access links, in your delegate booklet. Without further ado, what else awaits you at TEIMUN 2021?

Panel Discussion with YPFP Representatives

Following our opening ceremony, we will be joined be representatives from the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) organization. Since 2004, YPFP has been striving to develop and connect the next generation of foreign policy leadership. With a wide membership spanning some 80 countries, YPFP brings together young professionals from non-profit organizations, government institutions, media, academia, global institutions, and beyond. During our panel discussion, you will have the opportunity to learn more about YPFP as an organization, the potential of young professionals in shaping foreign policy, and more.

Panel Discussion with Youth Champions for Disarmament

The Youth Champions for Disarmament is a group of 10 young advocates selected from all over the world to train in methods of pursuing disarmament within their communities. In helping to fulfill the UN Secretary General’s emphasis on young people as agents of change in disarmament discourse and practice, the Youth Champions for Disarmament imparts knowledge and skills to young people, and empowers them to make their contribution to disarmament and sustaining peace, as national and world citizens. We are honoured that 2 of the 10 Youth Champions, Kirsten Mosey and Linh Trang Phung, will join us for a panel discussion following the opening ceremony.

Veterans’ Visit

At TEIMUN, one of our aims is to increase participants’ awareness of how the United Nations and other international organizations strive towards the achievemnt of global peace. How better can the necessity for this ideal be grasped than through hearing the stories of those who witnessed armed conflict first hand? We are honoured that on the third day of online TEIMUN 2021, we will be joined by several Dutch veterans from theaters such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cambodia and Lebanon, as well as counter-piracy operations.

Each council will be joined by a veteran with experience in a conflict area related to the topics discussed during the sessions. Aside from hearing their stories, delegates will have the opportunity to ask our veteran guests questions related to their presentations.

The Global Village

TEIMUN, even in its online variant, brings together inspiring young professionals from all over the world, and engaging in intercultural exchange has never been a problem at our conferences. Why not leave TEIMUN 2021 with more than just an increased awareness of international politics? Join us in the evening of the conference’s second day to experience the traditions, fashion, music, sights, cuisine and folklore of your co-delegates from more than 20 different nationalities.

The Pub Quiz

As a broadly interested young professional, you surely have plenty of general knowledge about all things imaginable. Put this knowledge to the test and socialize with your fellow delegates and chairs during our online pub quiz, which will wrap up the third day of the conference. Challenge your wit and wisdom as you experience moments of excitement, (healthy) frustration, and some educational fun.