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The Historical Crisis Council is a spinoff from the traditional MUN councils which emulate UN bodies. Here delegates are challenged to re-enact critical historical events, essentially rewriting world history. Instead of countries, delegates represent mortal individuals of the various roles and statuses, radically shifting council dynamics as collective interests clash with individual ambitions. Aside from the standard Rules of Procedure, Delegates are also able to use Directives, directly impacting the course of the Crisis through Military, Espionage,
Economic and a myriad of other means. With such a freedom of powers at hand, creativity plays as important a role as diplomacy and intellect in this Council. Thus, the HCC serves as a place of welcome experimentation for MUN Veterans, while novice delegates will be equally challenged and engaged by ever-changing, intense situations –all of this making the Historical Crisis Council a unique experience of its own.

Topic of 2018

The Roman Empire

Salvete Civitates! The year is 235 AD, and our Imperator Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander Augustus has been assassinated. His manhood he sold to his mother when he heeded her advice more than his loyal advisers, an act unfitting of Roman character! Instead of bringing upon the Barbarian tribes the mercy of Rome, he choose to shower them in gold.

Now we stand at a crossroads. The name of the new Emperor is yet unclear. More than this immediate concern, with the strong dynastic emperors of old gone, the Roman state is in dire need of a clearer system of succession if it is to prevent continued grievances between citizens, or worse, outright civil war!

While the generals and senators debate, the Empire is left disorganised. Now the devious Sassanid snake ever plots against our rule in the Eastern provinces, as barbarian hordes knock on our borders in the North. What’s more, the expansion in power and dearing of our Barbarian adversaries has meant that since the death of our glorious Emperor Traianus in 117, the Empire has been increasingly on the defensive. The state coffers continue to dry up through a lack of loot, and an abundance of military expenses to ward of the uncivilised rabble.

To make matters worse, the disciples of the false prophet Jesus Christ grow ever greater in number, and as their adherents increase, so does their boldness in challenging our sovereign gods!

Beyond these immediate problems, trade is crumbling, ancient systems of administration are growing increasingly outdated, and as the old elites attempt to cling onto power it is clear that new social groups will attempt to claim their right to rule.

Our Empire is on the verge of a great crisis. Dark clouds emerge from within and outside, will the gods continue to favour our role as the guardian of civilisation, or does this gathering storm spell the beginning of the end? The people of Rome are in need of strong leadership and thorough reform. Whoever will attempt to meet the many challenges will be confronted with severe opposition from jealous adversaries and new threats on all sides. But we are Romans, the sons of Aeneas, and we will prove victorious in this new Age. Ave!


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