Accommodation & Transport

The European International Model United Nations


The TEIMUN Conference is a week-long undertaking, which means you probably need to find a place to stay. Since the conference will take place in the summer, we recommend making a booking as early as possible as hostels and similar locations are very busy during this period. More information about accommodation options for TEIMUN 2021 will be published shortly.


While The Hague and the Netherlands in general are very pedestrian-friendly, you may not want to walk or cycle everywhere while you are attending the TEIMUN Conference. Below we have gathered a selection of public transportation options you may find useful during your visit.


The easiest way to reach The Hague from Schiphol Airport is by train – the journey to Den Haag Centraal station lasts just under 30 minutes. A one-way journey, 2nd class, costs €9,00.

 For up-to-date departure and arrival times and prices, please consult the website of the Dutch Railways (NS) below. The train is also an excellent way to explore the rest of the Netherlands.

Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Buses and Trams

The main operator of bus and tram services in The Hague is called HTM.

For up-to-date departure and arrival times and prices, please check the website of HTM below. Busses and trams operate at regular intervals in the city. You wil need a OV-Chipkaart to travel with them, or you can purchase single tickets after boarding. HTM can also take you to cities nearby The Hague.

Haagsche Tramweg Maatshappij
Other Public Transport Options

To plan your journeys around The Hague, it is best to use the universal Dutch journey planner called 9292. By using this service, you can plan door-to-door, multi-modal public transport trips.

To find interesting spots and activities around the Hague, you can visit this page.