The registration for TEIMUN 2018 is open! The deadline for applying is the 15th of June 2018. The conference itself will take place from the 15th of July till the 22nd of July. There is no deadline for Western applications, but both Participants Coordinators will start allocating the councils and countries from June onward. As such, the later you apply, the lower the chances that you will receive your preferred council and country. Moreover, the closer you apply to the conference, the less time you have to prepare!

How to Register

Registration will only take a few minutes. You can register via the ‘Sign Up Now’– button on our website. Registration is now open, so make sure that you obtain a spot. The conference fee is €150, per person and advisers from the delegations pay a fee of €75 per person. Please bear in mind that your registration is only completed once you have paid the conference fee, only then will we allocate you to a country in a council. Please note: when you pay the conference fee you’re guaranteed a spot at TEIMUN 2018.

When registering, please consider the following:

Please take into account the difficulty levels of each committee before registering! The Security Council for example, which has two chambers for moderated and unmoderated caucuses, is generally considered more difficult. If you have questions about the council difficulty or anything related, feel free to send a mail to

Every delegate should submit a motivation statement when registering for the conference. This statement is a chance for you to display your proficiency in writing about global affairs and your command in English in general. We will assess these two skills on the basis of your statement and this can have major consequences for being accepted to the conference or not. Please realize that any form of plagiarism will result in a direct rejection of your application.

Additionally, we only accept participants between the ages of 18 and 30. Though the conference is attended by a vast majority of university students, enthusiastic high school and higher education students can apply via the registration forms on this site.

Individual & Delegate registration

You can sign up for the conference individually, which entails you represent a country in one of the councils on your own.
You can also sign up as a delegation, which means you represent a country with a maximum of two participants. You can register for a delegation by stating the name of your partner delegate in the registration form under the heading ‘delegation’.

Delegation from a university, MUN Society etc.

We welcome delegations from universities, MUN Societies and other organisations. If you are interested in sending a delegation, please contact our Participants Coordinators. For the Western regions (Europe, North America, Australia), please contact For the Non-Western regions, please contact

Application process breakdown and timelines

Step 1- Registration for the conference through filling in the application form through the TEIMUN website. (Takes approximately 15 mins)

Step 2- The application will be vetted and either accepted or denied by the Participant Coordinators. The decision will be submitted within one week of the application being made. (Within 7 days of application)

Step 3- If a participant is accepted, they will be put in a preliminary list and they will be provided with a link with the log-in codes for the website where the payment can be made. (Within 7 days of application)

Step 4- The applicant will have to pay the conference fees through a secure on-line platform as will be guided by the Participant Coordinators. This payment has to be made within 2 weeks of acceptance as a participant. Only special requests will be considered for an extension. (Within 2 weeks of being provided with the log-in codes)

Step 5- The participant will be provided with details of where they can book their accommodation. Please note that accommodation is a prerequisite for Visa applications. (Within two weeks of making the conference fee payment)

Step 6- The participant, after securing accommodation, will be provided with an official letter to be taken to the embassy for visa application – Only applies to Non-Western participants. (Within one week of securing accommodation)

Step 7- The participant will be added to the final list of participants; they will then be sent the details of the councils that they will have been appointed to plus the countries. (To be communicated in June)



Should you have any further questions, concerns or remarks, please do not hesitate to use our contact button to get in touch with us or send an email directly to (Western participants) or (Non-Western participants).

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