Financial aid Guidelines

Under certain conditions the Board may choose to aid participants in their participation of TEIMUN. Below is the board policy regarding financial aid.

What forms of aid can participants apply for?

The TEIMUN Board only has limited resources to support participants. Therefore the only way in which we financially aid participants is by partial or complete refund of the conference fee.

Who is eligible for financial aid?

  1. All TEIMUN participants may apply for financial aid.
  2. A participant who wishes to be granted financial aid must be able to show that he or she needs it. If a participant applies for financial aid the board will ask them for certain documents including a written motivation stating why they want to have financial aid.

How do participants apply for financial aid?

Financial aid applications happen separately from registration. The board will only take financial aid applications into consideration if the participant has registered and have been accepted for participation. If you wish to receive financial aid you should send an e-mail to our Participants Coordinator (

 Requirements for application

In applying for financial aid, participants are to send an e-mail to the Participants Coordinator and they should include their résumé (C.V.), a one page motivation letter as to why they wish to be granted financial aid and what type of aid they would wish to receive. Their application should also include a detailed account of all expenses they expect to incur for participating in TEIMUN and thus indicate how much aid they need in order to participate. Also the interested participants should write a 1000 word essay on the conference topic. Finally also a key requirement would be a letter of recommendation which has to be sent by the author of the letter to the Participants Coordinator.

Conditions for granting financial aid

  1. The board takes plagiarism very seriously. If it is found that one has copied parts of, or whole texts of others into your essay, the participant runs the risk of having their financial aid application as well as their entire participation canceled.
  2. The applicant has to meet the criteria for applying for TEIMUN; these include;
    •   Should be below 30 years of age;
    •   Should be in University;
    •   Should be of good spoken and written English (Spoken English can be assessed through a telephone call or via Skype);
    •  Previous MUN experience is an added advantage.
  3. The applicant for financial aid will be interviewed by the Participants Coordinator together with the Treasurer to verify the truthfulness of the reason for request for financial aid;
  4. The applicant has to send all the requisite documents to the Participants Coordinator, failure to which the application for financial aid will totally be disregarded;
  5. Financial aid application can only be done on an individual basis and not on a delegation basis; the Participants Coordinator and the Treasurer reserve the right to consider any delegation request for financial aid.
 Once the Board has received an application, they study it carefully and decide if and how much financial aid and applicant will get. This decision is based on the quality of an applicant’s essay, their CV and the reasons they state as to why they should be granted financial aid. The board will let the applicants know as soon as possible if they will be granted financial aid or not.

Key points to be noted:

  1. The board of directors reserves the right to make any changes to the above as it sees fit without prior notification. Furthermore the board reserves the right to grant or deny financial aid. This decision will always be based on a thorough examination of the individual application. It is therefore very important that the applicant provides the Board with the right documents when they ask for them;
  2. At no time will financial aid be given out in cash;
  3. The board will only consider the forms of financial aid mentioned above; all other requests will not be honored.
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