Each year, TEIMUN celebrates the opening of a new conference with the Opening Ceremony. During the Opening Ceremony, the Chairman of the Board of Directors will address and welcome the participants and TEIMUN 2019 will be officially opened by our Secretary-General.

More importantly, the Opening Ceremony is a time where we ask prominent speakers in the field of international relations to elaborate on this year’s theme: Reforming the International System for the new Century. Our Opening Ceremony usually features speakers from organizations such as the United Nations (UN), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU).

Speakers TEIMUN 2018 (Speakers 2019 to be announced!)

Andrea Vonkeman, Head of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in The Netherlands

Andrea Vonkeman is Head of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in The Netherlands. Before this, she was a senior policy officer at the UNHCR in Brussels, where she followed developments in the field of EU asylum law and policy. She started her career with UNHCR in 1994 in the Great Lakes region in Africa and subsequently worked in various operations in Asia, the Balkans and the Middle east. The UN Refugee Agency UNHCR aims at protecting the rights of refugees, stateless people and internally displaced people worldwide

Sami Faltas, Trainer and Advisor on Negotiation, DDR, SSR and Small Arms Control

Sami Faltas taught at several Dutch universities, most recently in Groningen, where he was a Senior Lecturer in International Relations. In 2012 the students of the Faculty of Arts elected him Professor of the Year. Negotiations is one of his favourite topics, because it is a combination of politics, games and language. He has trained diplomats in Belgium, Central Asia, Moldova, the Netherlands, Oman and the United Kingdom, working in English, Dutch and French.

Maurits Jochems, Former NATO representative 
Maurits Jochems is the former NATO Senior Civilian Representative (SCR) to Afghanistan. In this function, ambassador Jochems has been liaising with the previous and current Afghan governments about the transition of the full responsibility for security from ISAF to the Afghan security forces. Beforehand, he was the Dutch Ambassador in Estonia and deputy Assistant Secretary General for Operations in NATO HQ at Brussels. Before this 2 year period, he was for two years the Dutch Ambassador to Estonia and for five years the Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Operations in NATO HQ at Brussels. Before this latter work for NATO, he was the Director International Security Policy at the Dutch Foreign Ministry and held positions in various Dutch embassies around the world.

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