The TEIMUN Staff is responsible for the intellectual content of the conference. Its members determine the various council topics to be debated and write the background papers for their respective councils, so that delegates can deepen their understanding of the topics. During the conference they will chair and supervise the sessions in order to lead them towards fruitful resolutions.

The staff consists of 19 members: two Chairs in most councils, three members of the crisis staff, who develop and enact various crises to be debated during the conference and, finally, the Secretariat, which encompasses the Secretary General and Under-Secretary General.

At the moment there are no vacant positions for the TEIMUN Staff 2018. If you wish to be part of the team please keep an eye on the website, where open positions will be posted, or participate at TEIMUN where most of the Staff is selected from the participants.


Security Council TEIMUN 2018


Hassaan Sudozai

Hassaan Sudozai is a Business Administration Student of Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology. A Public Speaker and Youth Activist from Karachi, Pakistan. Serving as Marketing Executive of Youth Innovative Dynamic Society and Editor in Chief of راوی Publications. Apart from all this, he has been part of MUN circuit since the last 3 years, by attending around 35 Model UN Conferences as Delegate, Chair and Organizing Body Member. He would describe himself as a person with a bad sense of humor, who loves traveling and Sufi Music, fond of Reading and exploring new things, and he also follows sports specially cricket and football. For him, MUNs are all about learning, socializing and showing the talent a person is blessed with.


Tasca Radu

Tasca Radu is a second-year student of International Relations at the University of Groningen. Like many TEIMUN participants, his main interests are International Politics, Diplomacy and having a great time while practicing the former two. Other interests of his include Scif-Fi novels from the 60s, eating delicious food while watching TV shows and being pretty decent at Golf. He has participated in several other MUN conferences, abroad (including both GrunnMUN and TEIMUN of 2017) and in his home country of Romania, but this will be the first time he takes on the role of Chairman. He hopes that his unique perspective and can-do attitude will bring about fun and engaging discussions.


General Assembly

Joviana Henza

Joviana Henza is a second-year law student at Universitas Indonesia, who’s always excited for small talk combined with coffee and interested in modern arts. Her MUN journey started when she was in high school and up until now, she’s actively involved in MUN as a delegate or as a chair. Her first TEIMUN experience as a delegate in SC was unforgettable and she wishes to share the same experience with the delegates this year.




Rizqi Zulkarnain

Rizqi Imaduddin was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia and is now a third-year student of International Relations and Organization at the University of Groningen. He has a special interest in regional integration and post-colonialism world. He is currently doing his study exchange at the Pusan National University in South Korea to fulfil his ambition to be part of a Korean boyband. Rizqi is a self-proclaim freelance MUNer, going wherever the MUN world takes him, he has participated in numerous MUN in Europe as both chair and delegate.  Outside of MUN, he particularly enjoys watching foreign animated series, in which if you talk to him about this interest, he may or may not engage you in a full-on debate.  During the conference, he is always more than happy to listen your problems in and outside of the councils.  He hopes for a very engaging TEIMUN 2018 that will inspire not only him but also the delegates



North Atlantic Council

Julio Mkok

Julìo is a second-year student at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom studying a Bachelor of Laws degree, originally from Nairobi, Kenya. Some would term Julìo as a veteran in the MuN fraternity having started in September 2015 with the KenyanMuN edition and having attended the last two TEIMUN editions of 2016 and 2017 as a delegate. Besides being a seasoned mooter, Julìo has attended several other political conferences and is currently the 2nd Year Class President in his Law School. His interests include politics, rugby, propaganda, fictional theories and the occasional binge watching of Rick and Morty. He also has a passion for global politics and international law, and never passes on a good debate. This year Julìo will be joining us again, bringing back his charisma, fun and experience, but for the first time as Chair of the North Atlantic Council.



Anton Wuis

Anton is a student of International Relations and Dutch Law at the University of Groningen. During his studies, he has focused on the nexus between international law and security issues, a perfect fit for MUN. In the first semester of 2017-2018, he studied at the Pusan National University in South Korea. Mention bibimbap or gogigui and he will go ballistic. Anton’s chairing experiences include the first Amsterdam Model European Parliament in 2015, as well as chairing the NAC at TEIMUN 2016, the DISEC at URUMUN 2016 and the SC at GrunnMUN 2017. Notwithstanding his calm personality, he is a big fan of fiery discussions and heated debates and is very much looking forward to chairing the North Atlantic Council at TEIMUN 2018!


Human Rights Council

Ivy Omondi

Ivy is a final year law student studying at Strathmore University, Kenya. Her interest for MUN emanates from attending her first MUN at the UN office of Nairobi in 2011. Her major interests include alternative dispute resolution with particular emphasis on mediation and negotiation and public international law in general. Her love for mediation and arbitration has influenced her to become a Young Global Ambassador for the CDRC Vienna 2018. Having participated in TEIMUN as a delegate in 2016 and 2017, Ivy is excited to be participating as a chair and looks forward to yet another exquisite week.



Romée Lutterop

Romée is an undergraduate American Studies student in Groningen. She is relatively new to the world of Model United Nations and has only ever been a delegate at TEIMUN 2017, but she believes this will allow her to bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm this year. Her interests include politics, minority studies, the power of rhetoric, traveling, any type of music, meeting new people and debating on any topic, whenever, with anyone. She is looking forward to help recreate last year’s magical experience at this year’s conference and turn TEIMUN 2018  and the Human Rights Council into an amazing experience for everyone!



Historical Crisis Council

Teun Janssen 

Teun Janssen was born in Limburg, the province that can claim the ambiguous reputation of having both the best food and highest amount of right wing voters in the Netherlands. He is a second-year student of History at the University of Groningen. Having participated in TEIMUN 2016 as delegate and in TEIMUN 2017 as chair, he is thrilled to once again be part of this amazing conference, this time in his favorite council! He plays piano, loves to dance and is guaranteed to start rambling philosophical discussions on the fate of the human race when sufficiently tipsy. TEIMUN was his first real conference, and is thus very close to his heart. He will make sure delegates will be able to experience the same amazing mix of professional diplomacy and wonderful socials that he has come to love!


Pedra Rabiee

Pedra is a medical student at King’s College London. Born in London, she has spent majority of her youth living in Middle East, which was where her long intimate relationship with MUN began. Pedra has participated in numerous conferences around the world as either delegate, chair or secretariat member, including the Historical UNSC in TEIMUN 2015 and TEIMUN 2017. Thus, she is delighted to return back to TEIMUN as backroom staff for the Historical Council Committee.



Elizabeth Chandler

Elizabeth Chandler is a masters student of Medicine at the University of Groningen. She hopes to specialize in trauma and tropical medicine in the future. She was part of the 14th delegation of United Netherlands and was a crisis delegate at Harvard National Model United Nations. She was also chair of the University of Groningen Theatre Society (GUTS) and has many years of acting experience, appearing in several plays and musicals. As such she is very excited to add a splash of the dramatic to the TEIMUN HCC.



Wouter Jan de Graaf

Wouter Jan de Graaf hopes to graduate this year in his Liberal Arts & Sciences program with a major in (International) law. Unsure what the future holds, he is enjoying his last year in Tilburg and is looking to pursue a Master’s elsewhere. Having participated as a delegate in several MUNs he felt it was time to join this year the organizing side of TEIMUN. He has a passion for everything that touches the realm of (geo)politics, perfectly fitting in the TEIMUN ambiance. Looking forward to stir up the Roman crisis, here one of his favorite quotes: Ceterum censeo Carthaginem delendam esse!




Sarah Wissing

Sarah Wissing is a Belgian third year law student at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. She fell in love with TEIMUN in 2017 as a delegate and it became clear that she wanted to join as staff. Being head delegate of the MUN Club of her university, Sarah regularly attends MUN conferences in Europe. Constantly seeking new challenges and adventures, Sarah can’t quite stay in a place at once (sometimes too literarily) and always  tries to discover new things. She looks forward to the Historical Crisis Council to

bring about fun and engaging discussions.




Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen, who was born and raised in the Netherlands, just graduated from law school at Utrecht University where he minored in forensic psychology and legal ethics. Currently, he is in his third year of medical school, also at Utrecht University. Kevin has participated in more than 30 MUNs and hopes that the G20 will be filled with interesting debate. He especially looks forward to the informal format and open dialogue within the G20 which focuses on consensus.  His interests consist of politics, medicine, law, traveling, socializing (preferably with a drink) and more; just ask! After a successful TEIMUN last year he knows the collaboration between the Staff and the delegates will guarantee a week he will never forget.


Dominique Virgil Tuapetel
Dominique is a third-year student studying law in University of Indonesia who found her passion in international affairs and music. She has been involved in the world of MUN since she was in high school and TEIMUN has become the most enjoyable part of it. TEIMUN has encouraged her to drawn herself deeper in the world of MUN, enabling her to snatch Diplomatic Commendation of Legal Committee in Harvard National MUN 2018. Being a delegate in Human Rights Council TEIMUN 2017, Dominique is excited to co-chairing G-20 in this year’s TEIMUN. She is looking forward to get to know deeper G20 delegates in TEIMUN 2018!


Crisis Staff

Tyler Greathouse

Tyler is a third year political science and international relations major at West Virginia University, with areas of emphasis in American law and legal systems and international security and diplomacy. His academic interests include the effects of globalization on the global poverty, the ever-evolving relationship between international governing bodies and state sovereignty, and interpreting and applying the American constitution to modern times. Outside of the classroom Tyler boxes for the WVU Boxing Team, spends time with his friends and fraternity brothers, and devotes countless hours to restoring and riding his classic motorcycle. Tyler attended TEIMUN 2017 as a first-time delegate, and had such an amazing experience he knew he had to come back for more! He’s extremely excited to be returning in the crisis team and can’t wait to cause some mayhem within the councils.



Alice Nesselrode

Alice is a 23 year old European Studies student from Maastricht in her final year. As her studies already suggest, she is very interested in politics and international relations, and enjoys attending MUN’s in her free time. Most experience she gained was as part of press teams, however she always found crises at MUN’s fascinating and thus decided to join the crisis team of TEIMUN 2018. Next to uni, she is president of the United Nations Student Association Maastricht, loves travelling and sushi and can often be found in the local Irish Pub cheering her favourite football team, Schalke 04. Alice has had great experiences with TEIMUN already in the past two years and is excited to return to The Hague next summer!




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