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The European International Model United Nations

TEIMUN 2022 is here!

Practical Information

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TEIMUN 2022 Conference

The European International Model United Nations (TEIMUN) is a six-day simulation of the United Nations which is held annually in the city of The Hague. 

Have you ever wanted to be a diplomat for a day? Are you interested in learning about international relations, the inner workings of international organisations, and do you wish to meet new people from all around the world? 

Then, TEIMUN is for you! Here, you will get the chance to experience policy-making first hand and improve various skills such as public speaking, negotiating and debating. It is also a valuable opportunity to meet students from different backgrounds and broaden your network.


TEIMUN 2022 will take place from 11 July 2022 until 16 July 2022.


Leiden University, Schouwburgstraat building
Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA The Hague


Individual Delegate Registration: €165 per person
Group Delegation Registration: €135 per person

What Does the Participation Fee Cover?

What Am I Paying For?

The TEIMUN Conference and Lunch

With 35 years of experience, the TEIMUN conference is the oldest Model UN on Continental Europe. Our 6-day programme full of interesting debate in one of our inspiring councils with delegates from all over the world constitute the main part of the TEIMUN experience. The delegates will also be provided with refreshments throughout the sessions and lunch during the break on all full-session days.

Keynote and Council Speakers

During the Opening Ceremony, delegates will get the chance to listen to inspiring speeches from our high-profile keynote speakers, who are leading experts in their respective fields.

On Day 3 of the conference, each council will moreover host an additional speaker with experience relevant to the specific topics discussed. Delegates will be given the chance to engage in discussion and ask any questions they might have.

Council and Cultural Excursions

On Day 4 of the conference, delegates will be taken on an excursion to visit a place relevant to their council and their topic.

On Day 5 of the conference, delegates will be able to choose from a number of cultural excursions and explore a part of the city which they find the most interesting.

Evening Social Events

TEIMUN strives to strike the perfect balance between a professional atmosphere and social interaction among the delegates. Therefore, we organise an evening social almost every day of the conference, where the delegates can get to know each other and let loose after a full day of debating.

*NB: While entrance to all our events is free for our participants, only some socials will provide free food and drink. Please consult the programme for more information.

Accommodation and Travel Costs Are Not Covered

Unfortunately, the TEIMUN Foundation cannot provide financial assistance with the travel and accommodation costs for our participants.

However, we have been able to arrange a 10% discount for our delegates at the Pink Flamingo Hostel. Here, you will be staying right in the centre of The Hague and can choose from a range of private or shared rooms at varying prices.

Make sure you use the discount code mentioned below when you make your reservation. This can be filled in under the ‘Book Now’ button by clicking on ‘Have a Promo Code?’

The Pink Flamingo Hostel
Address: Boterstraat 1, 2511 BK The Hague
Discount Code: TEIMUN2022

Previous Experience

All students, regardless of their experience, background or field of study, are welcome to sign up for the TEIMUN conference!

If you have previous experience with participating in MUNs, please let us know in the registration form. This way we can always make sure you are in a council that fits your level and experience. There are councils on all levels so we will always have a place for you!

Council Choice

There will be a number of different councils simulated at TEIMUN. Each council will be discussing one topic throughout the day that relates back to the conference theme. In your application you can indicate your three preferred councils, and the three countries you would like to represent within those councils. Please make sure you have read through the council information and their topics before you make a decision.



The TEIMUN Foundation follows the advice of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). We are continuing to closely monitor the development of the COVID-19 pandemic in Groningen, the Netherlands and abroad. The health and safety of all conference participants is our main priority, and specific decisions made regarding the way in which the TEIMUN conference is tentatively organised will reflect these considerations.

Join us at TEIMUN 2022!