Theme 2022

GrunnMUN 2022 is coming up soon! Read more about our theme on this page.


As COVID-19 has already become a norm in our current times, we were forced to become accustomed to the new conditions we are living in. Economies were shut down, technological advancements were halted, and tensions rose between countries during the unprecedented times COVID-19 brought.

Our progress in The Sustainable Development Goals was negatively impacted. Thus, we must strive to get back on track to achieve these goals. UN agencies are prepared to overcome the obstacles which the pandemic has brought on to continue leading the fight against all other crises around the globe. ECOSOC pushes for social and economic progress, the UNSC conducts peacekeeping globally, and the CSTD strives for technological development.

To achieve globalisation, where cultures and people are becoming increasingly convergent and interconnected, we must put aside our differences and disagreements to work together. To move on with all the difficulties COVID-19 caused, we must move forward and focus on fostering development.

Join us at GrunnMUN 2022 to explore the role of international organisations in fostering development in a globalising world!