Theme announcement TEIMUN 2016

The European International Model United Nations

Theme announcement TEIMUN 2016

Its an honor to announce to you the theme of TEIMUN 2016:

“Pushing Boundaries: Pursuing a new state of mind”

In the past year we have been confronted with ever growing problems that can only be solved through an international and cooperative effort. Never has it been clearer that the age of the nation state is coming to a close. The problems we face today, be it the current refugee crisis, global warming or extremist terrorism do not respect or recognize borders.

Throughout history we have seen groups of people band together in order to survive, thrive and; from the first early hunter-gatherer societies, to the great ancient civilizations and our modern nation state. This has helped the human race survive and prosper, but in order to solve these new, global, problems it is important for us to avoid the mistakes of the past, to grow beyond our national centric approaches and to cooperate in a truly international and collaborative effort.

At TEIMUN 2016 we will be discussing these and many other problems that we can only tackle as a global and united force. This is why we want to emphasize the need for cooperation and a new approach towards our fellow humans.

A solution for the problems of this day and age can only be found by abandoning the national centric approach of the last generations and by pursuing a new state of mind, an international state of mind.

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