Theme TEIMUN 2014

Theme TEIMUN 2014

With great enthusiasm we would like to announce the theme of TEIMUN 2014: Pursuing perpetual peace: Ideals and interests at war

Started as an ideal, Immanuel Kant’s philosophical and political theory on the prospects of peace has become embedded in the foundations and has to a certain extent been realized by the United Nations. The United Nations was founded upon the idea that conflicts ought to be resolved by peaceful means and diplomacy. Today the UN has evolved into an organization far beyond the sphere of conflict prevention, peace keeping and conflict resolution. The UN has extended the scope of its institutions and expertise to encompass a broad spectrum of policy fields. Over time the commitments of the UN have broadened and so has the number of members. However, the diversity represented by the member states in the UN implicates a contradiction between international ideals and national interests.

Over the past decade, the UN has remained a forum for debate and negotiations. Nowadays, the UN can be seen as an actor in the international arena contributing to overall global justice and development. In an international system characterized by the principle of equality of states and sovereignty, the UN fulfills its function of mediator to harmonize the conflicting ideals and interests. Yet, to bridge the gap and to find global solutions, especially in a rapidly changing world, is still a challenge. In which way can the UN overcome this challenge? To what extent do states need to give up sovereignty to encompass global responsibility? When is the balance between international ideals and national interests reached? In our Conference we will try to find answers to these questions and aim to explore the possibilities of overcoming these differences through international negotiation and diplomacy.

Therefore, the Board of Directors has chosen the following theme for TEIMUN 2014: Pursuing perpetual peace: Ideals and interests at war. We believe that TEIMUN represents young, ambitious visionaries from all over the globe who can find new paths and new solutions to overcome the contrary international ideals and national interests. Come to TEIMUN 2014 from the 21st until the 27th of July and share your ideas and explore unknown paths with students from all over the world! We believe that, together, we can bring the ideals and interests at peace.

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