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UN Women

The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, also known as UN Women, is a United Nations entity working for the empowerment of women. UN Women became operational in January 2011.

Level: beginner

Council Topics

Gender disparities in health and nutrition

Gender inequality damages the physical and mental health of millions of girls and women across the globe.

Many estimates indicate that women experience more health related problems than men.

Differences brought forth by power structures throughout the world, such as differences in income and employment, can disable women from receiving proper health care.

The Me Too movement has shed light on the sexual violence some women experience and the difficulty of addressing this issue.

In some parts of the world, we have begun to address the problem of health and gender, though this mostly occurs on a national level.

The United Nations has called for the equality of women in the realm of health, though differences in areas like perceived mortality or rape continue to be persistent. 

How can we ensure that the gender inequality in physical and mental health decreases?

Engaging boys and young men in gender equality

The movement towards gender equality has been a long and tough one. So far, many issues around women have been solved and we made enormous steps towards equality. However, the way until complete gender equality is still a tough one.

Women’s movements have shaped our society and young women must continue to lead the way towards gender equality. Nevertheless, it is also time to show young boys and men the importance of gender equality and actively engage them in the fight for gender equality. During the early years of adolescence and adulthood young men and need to understand why gender equality is important for everyone equally and realize the role they are having in promoting empowerment with the power they have.

Together men and women can shift the patriarchal norms about gender, beliefs, practices, institutions and structures that drive inequality for the both of them. UN Women’s earlier attempts for this included campaigns like the HeForShe campaign which already showed unity and strength.

How can young boys and men engage further in activities in order to achieve gender equality?

Council Chairs

Celia López Escribano

Born and raised in Spain, Celia López Escribano moved to The Netherlands after completing her high school education in a British school and concluding her professional music degree specialising in piano. She is now a third year Chemical Engineering Bachelor Honours Student at the University of Groningen, her interest being focused on energy and the environment. Celia also takes pride in that she is this year’s president of the HCSA Board, the Association within the Honours College of the University of Groningen.

Besides her studies and responsibilities, she enjoys time in nature, experiencing different cultures, practicing handstands, visiting museums and playing piano when she has the time! Celia loves to share her enthusiasm and opinion openly and is very much looking forward to TEIMUN 2020, to meeting you all, and to listening to the different arguments and solutions that will be presented in the intense, yet fruitful, debate!

Thiya Syafika

Thiya Syafika is a third-year Psychology student at the University of Groningen. Although her major does not have much to do with international relations, she has a high interest and knowledge of the area.

She has been doing Model United Nations since 2015 and participated as a chair in the 2018 GrunnMUN conference. After wreaking havoc at last year’s TEIMUN 2019 conference as a general crisis, she is excited to come back to TEIMUN 2020 as one of the chairs of UN Women.

In her free time, she loves to travel, getting to know new people, and walking around aimlessly. Don’t be afraid to approach her for a free (unlicensed) psychologist session as she understands how stressful these MUN conferences can be!