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The TEIMUN Society

Become a master negotiator, public speaker, and diplomat by joining sessions of the TEIMUN Society. Put your skills to the test with us in MUN conferences across Europe!

GrunnMUN 2021

GrunnMUN, or the Groningen Model United Nations, is a one-day simulation of the United Nations. This conference is held yearly in the city of Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands.


TEIMUN is a conference held every year in The Hague that welcomes delegates from all over the world! It is the oldest MUN in continental Europe. 

The GrunnMUN Conference

Being a diplomat for a day, that is what GrunnMUN offers. During GrunnMUN you will get the chance to improve various skills such as public speaking, negotiating and debating. It is also a valuable opportunity to meet students from all different kinds of backgrounds and broaden your network.


The TEIMUN Conference

TEIMUN, or the European International Model United Nations, is a conference held every summer in The Hague, the Netherlands, for students from all over the world. TEIMUN strikes the perfect balance between a professional atmosphere and social interaction between the delegates. Our councils are interesting and inspiring for beginner and veteran MUNers alike, and our renowned parties and social events are just as much part of the conference as the sessions.

Join the weekly sessions of

The TEIMUN Society

The TEIMUN Society allows Groningen-based students to learn about MUN rules of procedure, debate from the perspective of an another country, and delve deeper into the world of the Model United Nations. Our weekly training sessions are given by the most experienced MUNers of the TEIMUN family.


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