The Secretariat is the intellectual backbone of the TEIMUN foundation. It is tasked with ensuring that the council sessions are qualitative in the broadest sense of the word. Some of the Secretariat’s tasks include coordinating the council chairs, writing background papers and giving the Board advice on session-related matters. The Secretariat consists of the Secretary-General and Under Secretary-General. Both positions are chosen during the TEIMUN conference.

TEIMUN Secretariat 2018

Secretary-General: Maxime Voorbaak

Maxime Voorbaak has just finished her Bachelors of Law at Utrecht University and is now teaching in Ibagué, Colombia. She loves coffee, travelling and binge-watching tv-shows. She is also a dancing enthusiast, however she is not particularly good at it. She has quite some MUN experience, starting as a delegate in high school MUN’s at the age of sixteen. She first came to TEIMUN last year, as chair for the Security Council. She vouched TEIMUN 2017 would be the last conference before her MUN retirement,  but when the opportunity presented itself to become Secretary-General of such an interesting and fun conference she couldn’t say no. She looks forward to creating great conferences and enjoying it with all the delegates and staff that make TEIMUN great!


Under Secretary-General: Jonas Fiebrantz

Jonas Fiebrantz is a 3rd year student, studying International Relations at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. As a German growing up in Vietnam, he exhibits the traits of the classic Third Culture Kid: lack of geographic identity, a critical cross-cultural outlook, and an affinity for international crowds. Well-marinated in the ways of MUN, he has great anticipation for what will no doubt be a memorable conference. Having taken part in TEIMUN for three years now, acting as chair, crisis director and even grim reaper, he has experienced the richness of the conference many times over, and encourages all participants to immerse themselves in all that TEIMUN has to offer. Aside from his MUN work, Jonas’ other interests include chess, theology and parkour.


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