The Secretariat is the intellectual backbone of the TEIMUN foundation. It is tasked with ensuring that the council sessions are qualitative in the broadest sense of the word. Some of the Secretariat’s tasks include coordinating the council chairs, writing background papers and giving the Board advice on session-related matters. The Secretariat consists of the Secretary-General and Under Secretary-General. Both positions are chosen during the TEIMUN conference.

TEIMUN Secretariat 2019

Secretary-General: Teun Janssen

Teun Janssen was born in the city of Maastricht, Limburg, the province that can claim the ambiguous reputation of having both the best food and highest number of right-wing voters in the Netherlands. He is a third-year student of History at the University of Groningen on the arctic circle, specializing in human agency, global history and the European Union. Having participated in TEIMUN 2016 as delegate, TEIMUN 2017 as chair and TEIMUN 2018 as crisis director, he is now absolutely determined as Secretary General to lead the staff and facilitate the conference to the best of his abilities in order to introduce others to the crucible of confidence building, international friendships and diplomatic skills that is TEIMUN. He will not be able to do this without the tireless efforts of undersecretary general Rizqi, one of his best friends. (in less diplomatic terms: Teun is the dreamy idealist while Rizqi provides TEIMUN with a healthy dose of critical realism. Combined they form a secretarial double-barreled shotgun)

In his free time, Teun plays Chopin on the piano, enthusiastically mixes salsa with swing dance on the dancefloor (judgement on the execution is out of my hands) and often deploys his least appreciated party trick when sufficiently tipsy: passionate rants on the fate of the human race and how discourse ethics will eventually lead to a truly global society. TEIMUN allowed him to discover a world of genuine and decent human beings full of idealism, and a platform in which to grow confidence in skills he was unaware of prior. He will make sure that delegates will be able to experience the same amazing mix of professional diplomacy and wonderful socials that he has come to love in TEIMUN!



Under Secretary-General: Rizqi Imaduddin

Rizqi Imaduddin was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is finishing his bachelors at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. He has a particular interest in East Asian Politics and considers doing that for his masters. He has been doing MUN for 3 years now, acting as delegates, being a responsible chair and a decisive crisis backroom, he has experienced almost everything the MUN world can throw at him. He highly praised TEIMUN as being the most fun conference he has ever attend and his aim as secretariat is to produce the greatest conference anyone have ever seen. Aside from MUN, he enjoys experimenting with Asian dishes in the kitchen.


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