How To Love Public Speaking

How to Love Public Speaking

When you find yourself in front of an audience, it is only natural to feel nervous. While it might be difficult to avoid your nerves, you can learn how to turn them into positive energy! 

To calm your nerves, you need to first confront them and understand the reasons why you feel this way: maybe you are scared of forgetting your words, or you are afraid of making a mistake. These scenarios are very unlikely! Even if you were to make a mistake, most people would sympathize and relate with you. Instead, focus on the message of your speech and what you would like to achieve.

Next, you would want to practice since practice makes perfect! The more you present, the better you become, and the better you become, the more you will enjoy it. Embrace every opportunity you have to speak with others! Talking to strangers will make you feel more confident about your interpersonal skills. If you have a conference coming up, picture yourself in front of an audience, speaking confidently and having a good time. Keep this image in mind while you practice and you are going to feel more positive on the day of your actual speech.