How To Love Public Speaking

How to Love Public Speaking

As 25% of the population reports experiencing fear of public speaking, it might be difficult to understand the idea that some people actually love it. When you find yourself in front of an audience, it is only natural to feel nervous. While it might be difficult to avoid your nerves, you can learn how to turn them into positive energy. Turn anxiety into excitement by focusing on the purpose of your speech. Want to learn how to enjoy public speaking a bit more? Then this article is the one for you!

Confront your Nerves

First, challenge your nerves. Try to write down the reasons why you feel nervous. Maybe you are scared of forgetting your words. Maybe you fear people are going to laugh at you if you make a mistake. But try thinking about how unlikely these scenarios are! Even if you would make a mistake, we’ve all been there! Most people would sympathize with your situation and relate to you. Try to focus instead on why you are presenting and what you want to achieve with your speech. Don’t set the bar too high and accept that not everything will go perfectly.

Spread an Idea

Remember that putting your ideas out there is the only way others can learn about them. Bringing an interesting message into the table is not only entertaining for an audience, but can also be inspiring. You can only ignite change if you speak up! Public speaking means transferring an idea from your brain to the audience’s brain. If you make your voice heard, you might be able to change other people’s perspectives.

Concrete Tips

Practice makes perfect! The more you present, the better you become, and the better you become, the more you will enjoy it. Embrace every opportunity you have to speak with others! Even if it is not in a presentation setting, talking to strangers around the village or city where you live will make you feel more confident about your interpersonal skills. If you have a conference coming up, picture yourself in front of an audience, speaking confidently and having a good time. Repeat this image a few times in your head and you are going to feel more positive on the day of your actual presentation.

Future Benefits

Once you excel in public speaking, more and more people are going to want to hear your stories! This valuable skill set can be applied to several situations from making that difficult talk with your boss easier to becoming the life of the party. Your experience at TEIMUN can not only help improve the way you express yourself now but also be valuable for your future career and relationships.