GrunnMUN 2024

The European International Model United Nations

Practical Information

Read about all practical information concerning the GrunnMUN 2024 conference here

GrunnMUN 2024 Conference

The Groningen Model United Nations (GrunnMUN) is a MUN simulation of the United Nations which is held annually in the city of Groningen. 

Have you ever wanted to be a diplomat for a weekend? Are you interested in learning about international relations, the inner workings of international organisations, and do you wish to meet new people from all around the world? 

Then, GrunnMUN is for you! Here, you will get the chance to experience policy-making first hand and improve various skills such as public speaking, negotiating and debating. It is also a valuable opportunity to meet students from different backgrounds and broaden your network.


GrunnMUN 2024 will take place on March 2nd, 2024. Check-in will take place March 1st, 2024.


Academy Building, University of Groningen. 


The delegate fee of GrunnMUN 2024 for delegates is €20,-
There is no fee for Chairs or Journalists.

Previous Experience

All students, regardless of their experience, background or field of study, are welcome to sign up for the GrunnMUN conference!

If you have previous experience with participating in MUNs, please let us know in the registration form. This way we can always make sure you are in a council that fits your level and experience. There are councils on all levels so we will always have a place for you!

Council Choice

There will be a number of different councils simulated at GrunnMUN. Each council will be discussing one topic throughout the day that relates back to the conference theme. In your application you can indicate your three preferred councils, and the three countries you would like to represent within those councils. 

More Information can be found on the GrunnMUN 2024 MyMUN, linked below.



The TEIMUN Foundation follows the advice of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). We are continuing to closely monitor the development of the COVID-19 pandemic in Groningen, the Netherlands and abroad. The health and safety of all conference participants is our main priority, and specific decisions made regarding the way in which the GrunnMUN conference is tentatively organised will reflect these considerations.