Audit Committee

The European International Model United Nations

Audit Committee 2020 / 2021

The Audit Committee critically evaluates the TEIMUN Board of Directors from a financial point of view. The committee consists of 2 members from a former Board of Directors and 1 external member. The committee establishes and assesses the framework in which the Treasurer operates. To contact the Audit Committee, send an email to

Mois├ęs Alexander Holzfeind

Chair of the Audit Committee

Former TEIMUN Treasurer (2020)

Linsey Keur

External Financial Advisor

Former Treasurer of GDS Kalliope (2017) and De Nederlandse Debatbond (2019); Audit Committee Member GDS Kalliope and GHD Ubbo Emmius

Matthijs Hekert

Internal Financial Advisor

Former TEIMUN Programme Coordinator & Vice-Treasurer (2020)