Programme TEIMUN 2024

TEIMUN 2024 Programme

While our finalized schedule will be released closer to the conference, what extra events can you expect alongside council sessions? Discover more below!

Four Socials

Our TEIMUN Conferences always provide a range of socials for you to relax, network and party. 

Three Cultural Activities

As the TEIMUN Conference hosts an international and diverse community, we strive to provide plenty of opportunities for you to immerse yourself not only in the vibrant Dutch culture but also in diverse customs and traditions from around the world! 

Plenty of Session Time

Our main priority is to provide you with an incredible MUN experience, and with a balanced schedule full of activities and council sessions. 


Aside from sessions and excursions, you can expect to find a wide array of socials at our conference, ranging from networking opportunities to party nights!


Relax and chat with your fellow session members in this casual setting!


With an orange dresscode, beer, borrel, and Dutch flag facepaint, experience a taste of local Dutch culture while dancing the night away!


Dress in your best outfit and party at the classiest evening of the week!


What better way to close off your time at TEIMUN at the Beach BBQ – good food and even better company!

Cultural Activities

TEIMUN prides itself on being a highly international conference, and therefore we not only set aside time for you to explore the local Dutch culture but also want you to introduce your own!

Global Village

Make your favorite cultural meal, perform a dance, teach your language or dress in your local costume – the Global Village is an opportunity for you to share your culture with others!

Cultural Excursions

Whether taking a trip to the ICC or engaging in a Clingendael workshop, you will have the opportunity to see the Hague through a diplomat’s lense!

Walk Around the Hague

A night dedicated to getting to know the city, our team will guide you around some of the main sites to see!