GrunnMUN Conference

The European International Model United Nations

    MARCH 5TH, 2020

    Conquering Complexity

    as an International Agent


    The Groningen Model United Nations 2020

    GrunnMUN, or the Groningen Model United Nations, is a one-day simulation of the United Nations, European Union and the NATO, attended by approximately 150 students. This conference is held yearly in the city of Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands.
    GrunnMUN 2020 will be on Thursday, March 5th.


    Conquering Complexity as an International Agent

    The international community is faced with complex if not impossible problems. Humanitarian aid may fall into the wrong hands, peace treaties may incite violence, while war may shape development and economic growth. Sexism and racism halt constructive dialogue, while minorities remain vulnerable around the world. These are only some examples of the many complexities relevant today. For a very long time, the international community has organised itself through various organisations in order to counter these realities, today most notably the United Nations. Though progress has been made, some problems seem complex to such an extent that they last on a structural level. Can international organisations, states and actors expect to significantly change these complexities and if so how? And to what extent are international organisations part of these complexities? It seems unclear how agents in the international context can and should behave around these complexities.

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    Do you want to be a diplomat for a day?
    Do you want to have great discussions on world politics with fellow students?
    Do you want to find solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s problems?