Please note: the information you find here is from the previous GrunnMUN conference and is meant to give a general impression of the conference. The details for the next conference in Spring 2019 shall be published here in due time.

GrunnMUN stands for the Groningen Model United Nations. It is a one-day simulation of the United Nations, European Union and the NATO, attended by approximately 100 to 150 students. This conference is being held in the city of Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands. GrunnMUN 2018 will be on Thursday the 8th of March and the Opening Ceremony will be at ‘Het Provinciehuis’ in Groningen. The opening speaker of this year will be Ben Bot, former Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs and Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the European Union and Eelco Eikenaar, member of the Gedeputeerde Staten. After the Opening Ceremony, the council sessions will continue at Het Heerenhuis. Considering GrunnMUN is a one day simulation this conference is primarily for students residing in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, students from other countries and international students are also more than welcome to participate. It is a prerequisite that you speak English since this will be the official and working language at the conference. GrunnMUN will simulate the following councils: The General Assemblythe Security Council of the United Nations, the North Atlantic Council, the Human Rights Council and the G20 Council. The participants fee amounts €12,50 only, which includes lunch, coffee and tea during the day.

The theme for GrunnMUN 2018 is “Unification or fragmentation: challenges in a globalizing world.” Globalisation leads to wealth and security for some, but to deprivation and unsafety to others. Recent technological advancements, ongoing global trade and international conflict show that globalisation has the tendency of creating winners and losers. How will these winners and losers relate to each other in the future? Will there be fragmentation, caused by a rise of local powerblocks or will we be able to overcome significant differences and unify?

At GrunnMUN 2018 we will discuss the current international order, the problems faced by the world today, and how we as the youth could contribute to a better tomorrow.


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