TEIMUN Movie Committee

Who Killed Kenya

TEIMUN has formed a special committee to oversee the production of a live-action feature-length film that tells the tale of an MUN-themed murder mystery. “Who Killed Kenya“ is an upbeat story of self-discovery, which marries an edgy confidence arc for the main character with a thrilling murder plot full of twists and turns. Told from the perspective of a newcomer, the film explores what it is like to do Model UN for the first time, while also engaging with deeper questions about the nature of competition.

Shooting will commence in the spring of 2022 (April/May).


Work behind the scenes and help organise the production.

Main Cast

Take on the challenge of portraying a major character in the movie.


Make the story come to life, by appearing in crowd scenes.


Did you miss the application deadline, but still wish to be a part of the project? For more information, contact:


A young woman joins an exclusive Model UN, representing Estonia. She is soon overwhelmed by the competition that breaks out, as the other delegates fight over a UN-traineeship awarded to the best delegate. The Kenyan delegate is particularly ruthless. When he is found having overdosed at a party, everyone assumes it was an accident. But Estonia then starts stumbling over clues that suggest otherwise. She begins to investigate and starts untangling a complex web of lies, jealousy and deceit.


The story plays out over 6 days, starting and ending with the Model UN. Each day consists of two sessions and an evening event, with breaks scattered in between. Sessions show MUN in action (i.e. delegates debating, drafting and passing resolutions). Breaks and evening events show the personal drama behind the MUN and the various setups/payoffs of the murder-mystery plotline.


The film’s overall tone is cheerful. Comedic scenes that celebrate MUN, often by poking fun at it, are balanced with a thrilling plotline, propelled by the classic whodunit-style of a murder mystery. Told from the perspective of a newcomer, the film recreates the experience of doing MUN for the first time, showing how rewarding and educational it can be, without downplaying its challenges.


The central theme of the film is the tension between healthy and dysfunctional competition. Most people see MUN as a fun way to improve their rhetoric and strategic skills. But anyone who has done MUN, knows that there are people who take it too seriously. The movie builds on this idea to generate conflict. Ultimately, the idea is to make a movie that celebrates Model UN, while also critically engaging with those who take things too far.

Nathan Lauer


Hello there! My name is Nathan and I will be heading this committee. I was a member of last year’s TEIMUN Secretariat and have participated in many Model UNs, from New York to Moscow. I have also spent years working as a professional filmmaker and have overseen the production of two independent feature-films.

Making an MUN-themed movie is something I have been wanting to do for a long-time. It is just an awesome setting that offers so much room for character development and world-building. I have spent over a year developing this script and I am super excited to finally make it into a movie. Join us and be part of the first ever MUN movie production!

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