TEIMUN Society

The European International Model United Nations

The MUNSociety

Become a master negotiator, public speaker, and diplomat by joining the sessions of our MUNSociety!

Put your skills to the test with us in MUN Conferences across Europe!

What is the MUNSociety?

The MUNSociety allows Groningen-based students both to learn about the rules of procedure, debate from the perspective of an assigned country, and delve deeper into the world of the Model United Nations. Our trainings are given by the most experienced of MUN’ers of the TEIMUN family. It is a great opportunity to practice public speaking, negotiating, and policy-making for both beginners and experienced Model UN delegates. Furthermore, you can become part of a TEIMUN delegation to MUN conferences all over Europe!

Mun Society Groningen

The Training Sessions

The set-up of the sessions is designed in such a way to create an informal but productive atmosphere to prepare you for participating in a TEIMUN delegation. The sessions will be given and directed by former MUN delegates and with help from (former) TEIMUN board members. It will give enough time for debate and socialising. The classes themselves will be free of charge and are a great way to practice and learn very useful skills!

In our open session, you can get an impression of what the later training sessions will be like.

When & Where?

Open Session

September 19. 19:00-21:00, Harmony Building

Session Programme:

Weekly Sessions throughout the Academic Year!

For exact information on dates, times and locations, and to see the pictures from our sessions, follow the TEIMUN Society on Facebook and Instagram!