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The European International Model United Nations

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Block 3 Roadmap

The TEIMUN Society has created a six-week programme in which we will explore all the
MUN essentials. Through peer learning, we will explore the model UN world in a playful way
in a friendly environment, while engaging in fun thematic activities. Join us each week as we
take on a new area of focus and challenge you to debate and engage in international
relations through a model UN lens!

Session 1 –
How to leave a lasting impression

9 February 2023

Give your opening speech that extra flair and make an impression that lasts. We start the block off by learning literary devices and terminology to make your speeches truly

Session 2 – Caucuses: Mod or Unmod?

16 February 2023

What does it mean to “have the floor”? From formal speech to shrewd negotiation, we will
explore the (not really) distant world of moderated and unmoderated caucuses, as we argue
our position both on the floor and in free discussion.

Session 3 –
Solid Position is the Key!

23 February 2023

How do you properly prepare to present a position? Join us as we learn how to research and
write a position paper, as well as how to represent a stance that may lie outside your usual
comfort zone.

Session 4 – Resolutions, Ammendments and other essentials

2 March 2023

With GrunnMUN only two days away, now is the perfect time to learn or refresh the knowledge that any delegate should know. We will cover the essentials of working papers,
draft resolutions, voting procedures, and amendments so you can be ready for a proper
MUN conference.

Session 5 – How to improvise

9 March 2023

A useful skill for any public speaker is improvisation. Whether an unforeseen topic has entered the debate or you are called to the floor at an inopportune moment, we can teach
you what to do when you’re put on the spot.

Session 6 – Crisis Simulation

19 March 2023

A crisis has struck! Make alliances, send in directives, and see as your actions affect the ever-developing situation at hand. Join us for our special Sunday session where we will do a crisis simulation, getting an experience that is more dynamic than your average MUN council.

Become a master negotiator, public speaker, and diplomat
Get to know the procedures, tips, and tricks of MUN conferences
Put your skills to the test at conferences around the Netherlands and Europe
Adapted for a social setting and getting to know your fellow MUN enthusiasts 
What is the TEIMUN Society?

The TEIMUN Society allows Groningen-based students to learn about the rules of procedure, debate from the perspective of an assigned country, and delve deeper into the world of Model United Nations. Our trainings are given by the most experienced of MUNers of the TEIMUN family. It is a great opportunity to practice public speaking, negotiating, and policy-making for both beginner and experienced MUN delegates. Furthermore, you can become part of a TEIMUN delegation to MUN conferences all over Europe!

The Training Sessions

The set-up of the sessions is designed in such a way to create an informal but productive atmosphere to prepare you for participating in a TEIMUN delegation. The sessions will be taught and directed by former MUN delegates and with help from (former) TEIMUN Board members. There will be enough time for both debate and socialising. The sessions themselves are free of charge and are a great way to practice and learn very useful skills!

When and Where?

Time: Every Thursday, 19:00-21:00.

Our sessions will be held in the Harmony Building in Gronigen every week. The exact roomnumbers may vary, which is why our committee will be present at the main entrance of the Harmony Building to receive you and show you to the correct room. We’ll be the ones with the large TEIMUN banner!

Meet the TEIMUN Society Team

Filip Lepieš


Elli Winetsdorfer-Schau


Galina Milenova

Head Trainer

Antonio Boar


Nora Holstein


Riccardo Bignucolo


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