About GrunnMUN

GrunnMUN: Enrich your Student Life Through Debate

GrunnMUN, or the Groningen Model United Nations, is a one-day conference held every spring in Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands, where the TEIMUN Foundation is based. It brings together young, ambitious students to discover new solutions to conflicting international ideals and national interests. Each year, we welcome around 100 participants from Groningen itself, and even from abroad! In addition, we have around 30 staff members, who function as board chairs, journalists or board supporters. GrunnMUN striked the perfect balance between a professional atmosphere and social interaction among the delegates, and our councils are interesting and inspiring for beginner and veteran MUNers alike. During GrunnMUN, students come together to simulate councils of the UN, the EU and NATO. There is always one overarching theme within which all councils discuss their own topics, while the participating students represent a delegation of a particular country within that council. By doing so, they learn to represent a country’s norms and values, even if they do not align with one’s own, and come to resolutions with the other council members.

Why Join GrunnMUN?

Unique Experience

Participating in the GrunnMUN conference is a highly valuable experience. You will learn a lot about the inner workings of international organizations, such as the UN, and what it is like to represent a country.

Diplomat for a weekend

Have you ever wished to be a diplomat for a weekend? Do you wish to participate in great discussions about international affairs? Join GrunnMUN and improve your public speaking, negotiation and policy-making skills. 

Intercultural Communication

You will meet many young, enthusiastic people who share your interest in international affairs. Getting to know each other and sharing perspectives has never been a problem at GrunnMUN.

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