The European International Model United Nations

Due to developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, TEIMUN 2021 was hosted online.

The Theme of TEIMUN 2021 Online: Cooperation in Times of Crisis

We are living in unprecedented times. Economies are shut down, communities are shut off, and Covid-19 infection rates march forward at an unrelenting pace. As the world eagerly awaits a (hopefully near) end to the pandemic, it is vital that we do not neglect the many other crises we face.
UN agencies have been leading the fight against environmental, economic, health, humanitarian, and security crises around the globe, enabling cooperation beyond borders. The Security Council conducts peacekeeping at a global scale, the UNFCCC provides a crucial framework for combatting the climate crisis, UN Women strives to empower women and girls worldwide, and the Legal Council ensures that international law is created and codified.
Other organizations do not sit idle. NATO promotes democratic values and enables its members to cooperate on defence and security-related issues, while the European Council brings together the Heads of State or Government of EU member states in order to discuss matters related to the Union’s executive branch.
But crisis implies urgency and intergovernmental organisations face great challenges in rendering swift and unanimous decision. So, how do we build effective capacities for crisis management at the international level? How do we remain calm in the face of a crisis, without downplaying its severity? And how do we make sure that international responses are not co-opted by national interests?
We are going through the greatest global crisis since the Second World War and, like then, the only thing that will redeem humankind is cooperation. Join us at TEIMUN 2021, where we explore the role of international organisations in facilitating this cooperation.

Councils TEIMUN 2021

European Crisis Council

The Council is the main intergovernmental organ of the European Union. Heads of State or Government of EU member states meet in the Council in order to discuss matters related to the Union’s executive branch. The Council as we know it today…

The Legal Committee

The Sixth Committee of the UN General Assembly is the UN’s foremost legal forum, responsible for the creation and codification of international law. The Committee is responsible for some of the most consequential international legal…


Security is a crucial factor in ensuring the everyday life of both people and countries. NATO’s purpose is to guarantee the freedom and security of its members through political and military means. NATO promotes democratic values and enables…

UN Women

The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, also known as UN Women, is a United Nations entity working for the empowerment of women. UN Women works within the framework of the UN…

Historical Security Council

Perhaps the UN’s most (in)famous organ, the Security Council is tasked with the maintenance of international peace and security. As such, it is able to deploy peacekeeping operations, enforce sanctions, and even authorize…


Perhaps no threat to global wellbeing has received more attention in recent years than rampant climate change. The UNFCCC is the United Nations entity tasked with supporting the global response to this threat. As the parent…

Presenting Our Speakers 2021

We are honoured to be able to welcome several experts from multiple disciplines and walks of life as our esteemed speakers at the TEIMUN 2021 conference. Our speakers will present keynote speeches and address delegates at the opening ceremony, as well as throughout the TEIMUN week.

Beyond the Council Sessions

Traditionally, the TEIMUN conference has always been about much more than just the ceremonies and council sessions. Below you can find what TEIMUN 2021 offered.

Panel Discussion with YPFP Representatives

With a wide membership spanning some 80 countries, YPFP brings together young professionals from non-profit organizations, government institutions, media, academia, global institutions, and beyond to develop and connect the next generation of foreign policy leadership.

Panel Discussion with Youth Champions for Disarmament

The Youth Champions for Disarmament imparts knowledge and skills to young people, and empowers them to make their contribution to disarmament and sustaining peace, as national and world citizens.

Veterans’ Visit

Each council will be joined by a veteran with experience in a conflict area related to the topics discussed during the sessions. Aside from hearing their stories, delegates will have the opportunity to ask our veteran guests questions related to their presentations.

The Global Village

The Global Village provides an opportunity to share and showcase the culture and cuisine of your own country. Bring your favorite national snack, or put on traditional clothing, and get to experience the world in a matter of a few hours at TEIMUN!