How to PandemicMUN

By Thomas Veenstra, Treasurer 2020/2021

Distinguished delegates,

My third blogpost centres around the experience of MUN during COVID-19. Having left GrunnMUN behind us, it is a good time to keep looking ahead to what the TEIMUN conference might look like. From a world of online MUN, we can dream again of meeting physically, as vaccines are on the rollout. Yet, and this will inspire many MUN councils over the next few years, there is much left to be desired.

International cooperation has largely failed when it comes to the rollout of vaccines. Few, rich, countries have taken priority in vaccine delivery, with the developing world being left to at least another year with the woes of COVID-19. Whilst the USA and the EU are focusing on their own population, Russia and China are exporting vaccines to the developing world, gaining goodwill and achieving meaningful improvements. Moreover, a moratorium on vaccine patents is painstakingly making its way into reality, impeded largely by efforts of the EU.

Yet, this pandemic requires for all people to eventually be vaccinated against COVID-19, in order to halt the development of mutations and minimise human suffering. This realisation has reached policy circles and international negotiations only insufficiently, with a second-grade solution as a result. There are three main things this pandemic has highlighted. First, everyone on this planet is connected to one another. Second, proper governance matters, and can save lives. Third, information surrounding the problem is essential, and depending on the correct information is required for proper governance.

As such, TEIMUN 2021 attempts to already set the stage for the years to come, and include the European Crisis Council on the European pandemic response. As a delegate, you can experience the thick and hostile atmosphere of the early days of the pandemic, where information, governance, and solidarity was put under stress. Whilst you may be absolutely sick of the current situation, a proper MUN’ner will not pass upon the opportunity to debate anything. 😉

Looking forward to see you at TEIMUN!

Your treasurer,
Thomas Veenstra