On NATO’s Agenda:
Managing China’s influence over the Euro-Atlantic Region

China’s rise has deep implications for security in the Euro-Atlantic Area. As an expanding military power, the effects of its influence in seas and continents across the world will have an inexorable impact on the ability of NATO to protect the Euro-Atlantic area. This stems from technological influence they may have, their power and effects in new areas of combat in space and cyber, and their ability to strengthen authoritarian governments in the Euro-Atlantic neighbourhood. As Secretary General Stoltenberg states, “We see the whole global balance of power is shifting because of the rise of China,” and we must discuss managing this influence.


On NATO’s Agenda:
Mainstreaming Climate Into NATO’s Core Tasks

Since its recognition of environmental challenges in 1969, NATO has been tackling environmental security issues through the promotion of scientifc research at its Science and Technology Organisation. However, this has taken new life since the NATO Climate Change and Security Action Plan, adopted at the Brussels Summit of 2021, in which NATO seeks to deliver and increase awareness, adapt to climate change, contribute to tackling climate change-induced migration, and enhance outreach. From this, we must take stock of where we are now, and how we can further mainstream climate in all of NATO’s core tasks.


Meet Your Chair:
Matej Nemcok

Greetings. I am Matej, and similar to many of my colleagues, I am also part of the notorious community of law students. At the heart of this infamous pretentious discipline, when one looks past the courtroom drama portrayed by the media, is a question of right and wrong. The stories one comes across during one’s studies are captivating, and what is more, the personal side of legal interaction is axiomatic.

My MUN journey started a long time ago, and to this day, it is one of the best decisions I have made. MUN introduced me to the community of people with whom you feel like you can take over the world, have philosophically stimulating debates or just casually hang out. If you join MUN, you simultaneously get a chance to join this community and trust me, you won’t regret it.

I come from Slovakia, and when I am not chasing conferences, I travel through Europe to see different cultures, try their food and dance to their music. I am eager to meet you all at the TEIMUN 2022 conference and listen to what you have to say, whether in my NATO committee or during a coffee-break.

Fun Fact: I hate fun facts.

Meet Your Chair:
Filip Horvath

Hello! I’m Filip and I’m a first year Political Science student at the University of Amsterdam. I have a fascination with international relations and policy making, so I’m excited to explore both of these areas with you all at the conference. With the recent events surrounding NATO, I hope we can have an exciting time.

I started with MUN very spontaneously during high school and I continued to be involved with it up until my last year before university. My favourite part of MUN is seeing the resolutions form and how everyone gets into “the zone” while making them. I also particularly enjoy spicy debates, so I’ll be encouraging those!

I am from Slovakia and I’ve recently relocated to the Netherlands. When I’m not wading around in politics and newspapers, I am usually catching up on Netflix or books, hitting the gym or going full Marie Kondo on my room.

I am hopeful we’ll all be able to see each other physically at the TEIMUN conference!

Fun Fact: I used to own a pet python.

Meet Your Chair:
Filip Lepieš

Hello everybody! My name is Filip and I study International and European Law at the University of Groningen. Due to my deep interest in international relations and diplomacy, I chose to pursue studies in my field to better understand the legal sphere of past and present issues. In the future, I plan to pursue a career in public service, mainly focused on multilateral diplomacy and international organisations.

Having plenty of experience in model conferences in all possible positions (from being a delegate, committee chairman, or council president, all the way to high organising positions such as President of the General Assembly and Deputy Secretary-General), I never turn out to be disappointed in exploring new perspectives and ideas from my fellow peers.

Similarly to my colleagues, I also come from Slovakia, specifically the capital, Bratislava. Before starting my studies, I had the pleasure of co-organising a TEDx event, as well as other conferences and events. I also enjoyed the privilege of representing Slovak youth as an International Officer of the Slovak High-School Student’s Union on multiple occasions.

Fun Fact: I am a very “sporty” person. Since the age of 15, I have worked as an ice hockey referee, currently officiating the supranational BeNe League and highest Dutch competitions.