Ways to Prepare for an Online MUN

By Ritwika De, Participants Coordinator 2020/2021

Dear Delegates,

For some time already we have been in the unique situation where everything is being shifted online. This includes our GrunnMUN conference as well, which is going to take place online with the help of two softwares that resemble face-to-face experience as much as possible! I am sure that most of us has never taken part in an online MUN conference and the thought of ‘debating’ online seems quite daunting. But I assure you that you are not alone in this boat.

In order to make your virtual MUN conference a smooth sailing, I have come up with few tips which might make the whole experience much easier!

1. Connectivity:
Check your internet connection, and make sure that it is working properly the night before. This goes without saying – in order to have the experience of a real life conference, you need to hear the other delegates while they would be speaking and not a delayed version. Try to find a spot in your house where the internet connection is the fastest, and make your setup near it.

2. Workings of the software:
For GrunnMUN, we have decided to use both Zoom and Wonder. While I am sure most of you are familiar with Zoom, you might be new to Wonder. But there is no need to panic because our Secretariat is working on hosting a workshop where you will learn more about the software. Along with the workshop, we will also be uploading documents with virtual depictions to make it easier to look at during the conference. That being said, it is also very important to familiarise yourself with the documents before the conference so that you know where to look.

3. Nice background:
Presentation matters! Even though we are all back home, or might be in our student housing, it makes all the difference if you choose a neutral background. It stops the other delegates from being distracted from what is going on in your background, and does not take the attention away from you. If you are unable to find a neutral background in your house, changing your background to either a neutral background or your country’s flag does the job. Please remember not to change it to something that is not related to the conference, or that can be distracting to the other delegates.

4. Quiet place:
If you are back home or staying in a student housing, it might be hard to find a place without any distraction. Let your family or your flatmates know that you will be taking part in a conference and that it would be nice if they do not disturb while you are in it. If possible, try finding a place where people don’t have to keep going in and out while the conference is going on and you can be left unbothered for a few hours.

5. Be prepared:

Regardless of it being an online MUN, prepare for it as you would for a physical MUN. Nothing has changed except for the fact that it is taking place online and you will be in your room. Do prior research as there won’t be any time to do research when the debate is going on, and know your country’s policies properly beforehand.

I wish you all the best and I hope to see you at the conference!