Human Rights Council

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A Brief Introduction to the Human Rights Council

What is the Human Rights Council? What does it do in the broader institutional framework of the UN? What are the Council’s tasks? TEIMUN’s Deputy Secretary-General, Nathan Lauer, explains.

On the HRC’s Agenda: Violations of the Rights of Peaceful Protestors

Over the last year, the topic of the rights of peaceful protestors has become particularly contentious.

Recently, the world has unfortunately seen an increase in incidents of human rights violations of those who are choosing to peacefully protest against rules and regimes which they believe to be unlawful and unjust. These protestors have been met with police brutality, state violence, and often with questionable legal repercussions. Some of the most alarming offenses have been observed in Hong Kong against those protesting new extradition laws, in USA in light of the Black Lives Matter protests, and in Belarus against those demonstrating the incumbent government of President Lukashenko. Such incidents have only increased in number since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, it is now, more than ever, crucial that citizens are protected when it comes to their rights guaranteed by international law. Some of these include the freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, as well as the right to life and the liberty and security of the person. As such, it will be the task of the delegates to come up with creative and effective solutions that balance different interests and recognise relevant differences.

Council Level: Beginner / Intermediate


Meet Your Chair:
Viola Raffaeli

Hey, my name is Viola. I began taking part in MUNs in 2016. Since then I have attended multiple simulations in locations such as Rome and New York. Last year I participated in GrunnMUN as a delegate in the UNFCCC. I further took on the role of chair during simulations organised by the University of Groningen. Moreover, I am currently working as a trainer for TEIMUN Society.

I am 21 years old and my background is in International Relations. I am a third-year student of International Relations and International Organization at the University of Groningen, and I am currently taking a minor in International and European Law. My particular interests are criminal policy and the link between human rights and surveillance. Other than that, I enjoy baking, reading Agatha Christie novels and cuddling other people’s dogs.

Fun Fact: I love watching videos about megalodons even though my greatest fear is sharks.

Meet Your Chair:
Lara Simonovski

Hey, my name is Lara, and together with Viola I will be your chair for the Human Rights Council! Although this is my first time chairing, my interest in international relations and international law has led me to represent various countries in different councils during MUN simulations in Munich, as well as Model European Council in Strasbourg.

My background is in International and European Law, here at the University of Groningen and, because my exchange to Sydney has been postponed (twice), I have decided to do a second bachelor in Philosophy of Political Science in the meantime. The fields I am mainly interested in are international criminal law, international humanitarian law and European constitutional law. Other than that, I love Latin and took an extra 10 ECTS Latin course just for fun, I danced classical ballet for 14 years (until I sprained one ankle and broke the other), and I eat way too much candy.

Fun Fact: When I was 13, (then) Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands saw me in my bra when she came to congratulate us in the changing room on the musical our school prepared for her. Twenty minutes later I had to show her my science project.