A Brief Introduction to the NATO Council

What is NATO? What is the organization’s purpose and structure? What are the organization’s tasks? TEIMUN’s Secretary-General, Thomas Stavrinos, explains.

On the NATO Council’s Agenda: Afghanistan and Regional Security

NATO is a body often associated with mutual protection, military exercises and deeply technical defence jargon. This year, we will embark on an exploration NATO’s humanitarian side.

The year 2020 has been a year full of reflections and evolutions, and for NATO this has been no exception. Chief among these changes is the announcement of the US withdrawing their military presence from Afghanistan. NATO has long been involved in the region, and a serious discussion needs to be held about the Afghanistan mission, if the United States is not involved. The committee will give special attention to the impact a power vacuum will have on women and girls in Afghanistan.

In coordination with NATO’s Women, Peace and Security (WPS) policy, agreed to in 2018, delegates must discuss what NATO can do for the women in Afghanistan, addressing both short-term security concerns and promoting the long-term goal of gender equality.

Council Level: Intermediate / Advanced


Meet Your Chair:
Youri Moes

Hi, my name is Youri Moes. I am a 24 year-old student from the Netherlands. I am doing a Master in International Relations at Leiden University, with a specialization in Conflict Resolution. Before coming back to the Netherlands, I spent 11 years living in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

I have been doing MUN for 5 years now. I spent 3 years being a delegate but for 2 years now I have chaired at many conferences around Europe. NATO is one of my favourite councils to chair, as it is a committee with advanced delegates, and a consensus decision making apparatus.

Fun Fact: I am part of a Dungeons & Dragons group that has been meeting once a week for 4 years.

Meet Your Chair:
Sarah Oey

I am Sarah Oey, 21 years old and I am currently studying International Relations and International Organization at the University of Groningen. Next to this, I have been organizing career-related events, such as a Career Day in collaboration with Nyenrode University and the Province of Groningen, a Career Trip to Paris and a Company Visit in Amsterdam, together with my study association. From 2015 onwards, I have been an active member of the Model European Parliament, a simulation of the European Parliament where I have participated as a delegate and a chair within several committees.

Nowadays, I am a part-time board member of Model European Parliament Amsterdam. So far, I learned a lot from this experience and I still very much enjoy it! From September onwards, I will be writing my Bachelor Thesis in the field of ‘Power, Politics and Global Health’. Next to this, I hope to further develop my interests and skills in climate change and European, international and environmental law.

Fun Fact: I went to Vietnam a year ago which was a very challenging experience and therefore, taught me a lot about life!