TEIMUN 2021: Apart But Still Together

By Tais A. Ruiz Palacios, PR Coordinator 2020/2021

This past week saw the completion of the Board year of the 34th TEIMUN Board of Directors, and thus, of all the efforts we made during the year to make our two conferences possible. Despite the hardships we faced, such as having to convert two (that we hoped would be) physical conferences into digital ones, everything turned out perfect in the end.

Before continuing with a small ‘chronicle’ of what the TEIMUN conference was like, I would like to thank all the staff for the incredible job that they have done the past months: to our amazing chairs, who have prepared the study guides and made the councils an amazing experience for our delegates; to our journalist staff, who ensured our followers were up to date with the ‘TEIMUN-deets’. Most importantly, I want to thank the Secretariat and my fellow Board members for giving me one of the most amazing experience I’ve ever had throughout this past year.

We planned many things for the councils and our socials: the topics that would be debated, the virtual world in which delegates would interact among themselves, the way in which the socials would be carried out, and so on. While all of these were essential to our conference, the most important thing that we planned to, and hopefully materialised in the conference, was translating the ‘in-real-life’ TEIMUN spirit into an online setting. By this I am referring to finding a balance between the MUN ‘work’ and the social aspect of our event, as well as the spirit of camaraderie and companionship between all participants, both staff and delegates alike.

TEIMUN began on the 12th of July with our opening ceremony. Having had the GrunnMUN experience on hosting an online opening ceremony, showcasing different videos while also interacting with some of our speakers and delegates, this went by smoothly. Featuring an address by Prof. Florian Bieber and Ms Izumi Nakamitsu (UNODA High Representative), speeches by Charles Michael Ovink (UNODA Political Affairs Officer) and Dr. Peter Jay Hotez, (global health expert and vaccinologist), as well as by our President and Secretary-General, TEIMUN was off to a great start. 

On the 13th of July, the second day of our conference, each council had its first session. The UNSC had its first press-conference, and other councils such as the Legal Committee had their first topic almost done. After an arduous day of debating, the Global Village was a social break welcomed by most, if not all, where delegates from all around the world presented their countries, cultures, customs, arts, and so much more. On the 14th of July, the third day, various of the councils began debating their second topic; this was faster than I’ve ever seen in most MUNs! The Pub Quiz was a lively event: from Sebastiaan (our President) not being able to hear anyone due to being in ‘presenter mode’, to all the teams having fun attempting to guess the history section, to the amazing conversations after everything was said and done.

The 15th of July, the last day of TEIMUN, was an exciting day for all participants. For the staff however, it was a particularly bittersweet moment. This was the day when all of the work that we did for months, and some for an entire year, came to an end (in the sense that we could finally ‘reap what we sowed’). As the council sessions ended, the meeting with the European Commission’s representative came to a close, and the closing ceremony began, I began thinking on whether we achieved a TEIMUN where we are all together in the TEIMUN spirit, despite being apart physically.

Thinking back on all the fun the Board and Secretariat had, as well as the positive messages our delegates and chairs gave to us, I think we managed to accomplish our goal. I hope you think that too, and that you can join us in TEIMUN 2022, and be apart no more.