The Arab League

On Arab League’s Agenda:
Alleviating the Blockade on the Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip is a war-torn, impoverished territory confined to 365 square kilometers, which borders Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. It is subject to an unlawful blockade on land, air and sea that completed its 14th year in the month of June 2021. As this is a Palestinian enclave, almost two million Palestinians live in this area. As a result of the blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt, restrictions are imposed on the mobility of people, goods and services. These constraints continue to unjustly burden the civilian population, impacting every area of life in Gaza and damaging the local economy. Moreover, the observance of most human rights is jeopardised and thus in blatant breach of Israel’s lawful responsibilities within international law. The blockade, in conjunction with continuous violent turmoil, induces great economical and psychological devastation in Gaza.

Thousands of families have been subjected to constraints that have limited their access to livelihoods, essential amenities, and housing, destroyed their family life, and diminished their expectations for a safe and successful future. The reality in Gaza is unpleasant and difficult, and it worsens by the day, undermining whatever strength the people of Gaza have left. Consequently, it is essential to discuss the rights of Palestinians in Gaza and a potential dismantling of this blockade.


Meet Your Chair:
Catherine Kassar 

Hello! My name is Catherine and I am currently in my second year of the International and European Law degree at the University of Groningen. I am so excited to be chairing this year’s Arab League council!

I started my MUN journey about 6 years ago, and, when I reflect on these years, I must admit nothing else influenced my life as much as MUN. I have been to several conferences, including three international ones (although one was online… thanks covid). Today, and mainly because of MUN, I am not only confident enough to attend conferences without hesitation, but I have enough self-confidence to become the person I want to be without the fear of being criticised.

As Harvey Specter once said: “The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.” And on that note, goodluck delegates!

Fun fact: I am a big time Real Madrid supporter.

Meet Your Chair:
Sophie Middelhuis

Hey everyone! My name is Sophie, I am 20 years old and moved from the far south of the Netherlands to study International Relations here in Groningen. Politics has always been a big interest of mine, especially when you can have interesting debates about it. Stepping into the MUN world when going to university made an enormous difference to me, as the skills you acquire during a simulation stretch way beyond just public speaking. It teaches you to write in an advanced manner under time pressure, the subtle art of stressing your opinion when views abound, navigating in quickly changing teamwork dynamics, and it forces you to take leadership even though this might seem scary at first.

Apart from my studies I am a trainer for the TEIMUN Society and the chair for the youth department of the Green Party here in Groningen. This will be my third GrunnMUN, and the second time I am chairing the conference. This year I am especially excited as the Arab League is an interesting committee that is not always present at MUNs: I am therefore looking forward to some fruitful debates! When I am not spending all my precious time on politics, I like to play guitar, listen to old music, paint and be outside.

Fun fact: Until I was about 16 I was sure I wanted to go to the Art Academy, and I am to this day torn whether this is something I still want to pursue!