UN Economic and Social Council

On ECOSOC’s Agenda:
Devising a Framework to Create Economic Opportunities for Refugees and Displaced People in a Post–COVID-19 Economy

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the global refugee population has more than doubled in the past decade, with over 82 million people being forcibly displaced out of their homes as of 2020.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, these numbers have come to represent an impossible choice for millions of people: abide by the regulations to ‘stay home’ during a global pandemic, or flee from desperate conditions to seek safety elsewhere.

Weather disasters, food insecurity and crises, conflicts and political instability have all long-contributed to the life-threatening challenges that make it all the more difficult for both families and individuals to find stability. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for everyone, deepening the divide between refugees and economic integration.

How will refugees and displaced people be included in national COVID-19 response and recovery plans? What about their access to health services and national security systems? Is disease transmission linked to xenophobic attacks? And what about the overcrowded refugee camps and their associated risks?

These are just some of the questions the ECOSOC Council is seeking to answer in trying to discuss a matter that has affected entire communities, but especially displaced populations that face significant structural barriers comparative to other demographics.


Meet Your Chair:
Diana Velea

Hi, I’m Diana and after the 11 MUN conferences I’ve attended hitherto, I am more than excited to make my comeback as the chair of the ECOSOC Council alongside Diliana. To me, it’s always action that speaks louder than words, hence I am not going to elaborate on how much I’ll dedicate myself to making this conference one that you will hopefully never forget. Instead, I’ll let you revel in this first-hand experience in the hope that it will be fun, productive and actively eye-opening. The whirl of emotions is going to be intense, but it’s my pinky promise that so will be your ensuing satisfaction. Then, if you’re ready to let out your inner leader, don’t hesitate to get involved and speak your mind, because I’ve got a blank space and I am so willing to write your name.

I am currently a first year Human Geography & Planning student at the University of Groningen and this is going to be my first time participating at GrunnMUN. My interests vary from geopolitics and diplomacy, to solving escape rooms and listening to Taylor Swift.

Fun fact: I still cry at some scenes in Shrek

Meet Your Chair:
Diliana Ochoa

Hi! My name is Diliana and I will be your chair for the ECOSOC. I was chair twice in another MUN located in Mexico in 2018 and 2019, first at the UN Women Committee and at the UNICEF Committee, and I was also a delegate in 2015 at the Crimes and Drugs Committee. Last year, I participated in the Phillip C. Jessup Moot Court, which is a simulation of an appearance before the International Court of Justice and I got to know very experienced people in International Law.

I am 23 years old and I am studying a double degree in Law, one in Mexico and the other in Spain. My main interest is International Law in general, but I am very passionate about human rights. I would love to work for the diplomatic service and be able to represent my State in the international community. Before I reach the great leagues, I want to be a lawyer in Administrative and Constitutional law. Other than that, I love to play flag football, read fictional novels and watch and repeat my favorite TV shows.

Fun fact: I have never gone to the Netherlands, so I am very excited to be chair at GrunnMUN because it will be a great opportunity to travel to this amazing country.